Aaron Gordon Makes His Debut for the Nuggets Against the Hawks

The Free Agents


All right. Get into a little bit of basketball here. Aaron gordon the big acquisition at the deadline for the denver nuggets made his debut sunday verse. The hawks a solid debut might look the line and say thirteen points on six of nine shooting. That is exactly what the nuggets want. He played really well off to coca shed a beautiful dunk on the baseline. This is what they want him to be. They want him to be a cutter playing with better players for the first time in his career. I mean he's played with better players and vuckovich but not a player. I'm nicola yokich is standards. I just wondered when aaron gordon went over to the nuggets. Would he be able to cut that dribbling out. He played more like a superstar more ball in his hands. I'm going to do this thing on my own. Can he be a support player. He used nicole yoga's gravity pretty well in this game they will pick and roll action going nine shots. The only misses were from three point. Land the more tuesday better with aaron gordon. But he if he can fill that jeremy grant role that they lost last year in the playoffs. Just be that guy who's a third option and hit shots. I mean that is absolutely

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