Hairdresser Luke Benson on His Successful Career


Really excited tonight to be here in a well. World shooting and the reason is fixed man delighted to welcome along lee benson and but here we also look today Really one to learn about utility successful seventeen years in jail and keep at the other thinking that as early as. I'm sure you're not old enough to be seventeen years in the industry. But it's been a really very korea. It will be said the direction i think. Also the assets of what's out of nazi create is really want to cover today but get out so but before we go into. Why would love to just bring us up to die where you are right now while we november two thousand twenty with union. You career moss apart really. It's comments in a bit of a transitional seis still even though it's been almost four years being on at seventeen years of hendrickson. Thirteen years down the down the Started chips. I when i was seventeen years old trained by the light. Great cow and and i did salam Kasit the eight years working for him. Great headdresses industry icons and against china has many strings to my by was also on the on my own doing session free at all. You know every kind of cool it to the last

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