Pandemic Has Many Small Museums At Risk Of Closing Permanently


Has devastated the art sector and hundreds of small museums are trying to keep from having to close forever. Here's NPR's Nina Kravinsky. One of the largest collections of paintings from Harlem. Renaissance artist Palmer C. Hayden is on the third floor of a Macy's and alleys. Crenshaw District We are pretty small, Museum Micro Museum, hyper local and community based museum. That's key should do, Miss Heath. The director of the African American Art Museum that's tucked away on the top floor of the department store. Their doors have been closed for over a year, even though the Macy's has been open for most of that time. Because it's classified is retail under Al is reopening plan, but the museum is an entertainment space. So that means no gift shop sales, no events and no visitors wandering up and leaving a donation while they're there. In the usual year that money fuels a lot of their programming, and we don't run very well on empty this past year, they've had to rely on grants and donations to keep from closing their doors for good. They're not

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