Antetokounmpo has big day, Bucks trounce 76ers 132-94


The NSA tentacle portal over twenty four points fourteen rebounds and seven assists in just twenty four minutes as the bucs blasted the seventy Sixers one thirty two ninety four we played great it was awesome everybody enjoyed it hi everybody played hard to remove the bullet had one assist and then that last four numbers of them everything was great and tend to cope up past Glenn Robinson for second on the team's all time scoring list Bobby Portis added seventeen points to help the walkie beat the seventy Sixers for the second time in three days G. Milton Tyrese Maxey scored fifteen apiece to lead the seventy Sixers who played with that Jo Ellan be because of a sore right shoulder the Sixers fourth straight loss drops of one full game behind the nets for the Eastern Conference lead on the ferry

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