Tiffany Haddish on Beyonce's Mama


Know as crazy as miss teen miss teen in the momma. She had invited me. I got invited to her birthday party but she didn't invite me. Somebody else had they not. I was going to be there so what happened with the birthday party. Rights came in. Her suit was banging. I was like oh my god. This is amazing. She said the suit was christmas. Syrian house i. Chris riano may do all. I know i know christiane asked me. She's like okay right. he gets fresh off. the runway. Right is is put my feet. So i was kind of devastating so the and i thought to myself let me call beyond say mom and just take a shot in the dark thieves. Let broadest rice law copy say mama. Hey teams how you that food. Fbi was wearing danae at the party. Do you think will be barley. She was like you guys these she was talking about gifting so you not going to be able to finish it. I had three keys and you have none girl three. Don't worry about to saudi. She caught beyond the next day. Suit is at my house. The is like my door. And i was like oh my god beyond players. The both dolphins of women that girl power to the importance of women. That's what i love about her. In the end. I have put the suit on fit me perfectly. It was a little tedious. Because i don't have but property but in i copy on mama say hey miss teen if the perfect power as she was like if it's areas liberalism oppressor but everything else is perfectly. She was like wow

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