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The president's comments followed this week's deadly shootings in the city. Six of the eight victims were women of Asian descent shooting suspect Robert Aaron Long told police the killings were not racially motivated, and instead blamed his addiction to sex. I'm gym floor. Have this. Bloomberg Sports Update. George bigger score 13 points, including the decisive lay up with 10 seconds left in the game, helping the 10th seeded Rutgers Scarlet Knights defeat the seventh seeded Clemson Tigers, 60 to 56 in the Midwest region. It was the Scarlet Knights first tournament win since 1983. Rutgers will next face the number two seed Houston on Sunday. Houston defeated Cleveland State 87 56 Syracuse onto the second round as well with a 78 62 win over San Diego State Buddy behind scores 30 points for the Orange Mint. Elsewhere in the Midwest region. The top seed Illinois down Drexel's 78 49, Loyola, Chicago over Georgia Tech. 71 60, Oregon State defeated Tennessee 70 to 56. Oklahoma State God by liberties 69 60, and it was West Virginia 84. Morehead State 67 in the south region of band aid for a pair of big 10 schools. Ohio State is ousted from the tournament, the number two seed, losing to the 15th seed Orel Roberts and overtime 75 72, the number four seed Purdue also out of the tournament, They lose to the number 13 seed North Texas 78 69. Elsewhere in the South region. Top seeded Baylor down to Hartford 79 55 It was Wisconsin 85, North Carolina, 60 to Villanova over Winthrop, 73. 63, Texas Tech Down Utah State 65 53, Arkansas over Colgate 85 68 in overtime. Florida 75 Virginia attack 70. In the NHL. The Rangers come up short to the Washington Capitals, 2 to 1 of the Garden. Alex Ovechkin scored twice in a three minute span in the third period and in the NBA that that's had their 16 winning streaks that by Orlando 1, 21, 1, 13 preseason baseball Francisco Lynn Dora Grand Slam homer, the Mets defeated ST Louis 8 to 5. And the Phillies beat the Yankees for the one with the lumber exports Update. I'm Tom

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