Matthew McConaughey Says He's Considering Running For Governor Of Texas


It is possible. He responded to the question about whether he would run for governor by saying it's a real consideration. Bernie, What do you think of the idea? Of Matthew Makani running for president. Well sided, are you? Well, I enjoyed interviewing Kinky Friedman when he was running. You know, When I hear this, I knew this was inevitable. I don't think you'll actually run. But I feel like after Trump became president. Now It's everybody longer. Yeah, Anybody can do it. The mystery is gone. Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes governor of California, Jesse Ventura of Minnesota. So, Yeah. Why not? Matthew McConaughey. What the hell? Governor that the good thing in Texas the governor. Power in Texas is with the Lieutenant governor, not the governor. Actually, we have kind of Ah, weak Governor system in the state of Texas. So you could be governor here. No big deal just where the where the costume and Where the hat and everything's good. It's a good gig if you can get it. That's right. $150,000 for not doing too much of anything unless there's some kind of crisis than everybody because nobody knows how their own state government works. Everybody starts looking to you and saying Well, you're the leader lead us out of this. And they don't matter what you do. It's not good enough. They

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