Is Biden Delivering on His Climate Promises?

The Ten News


His twenty twenty campaign. President biden promised move fast on environmental protections. Now that he's been in office for a few months. How's he doing on that promise. I want to hear everything well. So far his administration is added eighteen new regulations and overturned twenty policies that environmental groups like the audubon society and the natural resources. Defense council opposed now toll. Cain they've stopped a coppermine from operating in arizona. After local native american tribes argued it could endanger sacred sites and sensitive habitats administration. Also pump the brakes on a decision to slash three million acres of northern spotted owl habitat. At least for now maybe the biggest decision. So far was ending the permit to finish the keystone excel pipeline. Which was supposed to carry crude oil from alberta canada all the way to the southern states in the gulf coast. Why is that a big deal. Well environmentalists were against the pipeline from the beginning over safety concerns and the increased greenhouse gases that the pipeline would release into the atmosphere. It also threatens the water supply and lands of the rosebud sioux tribe and other native peoples. Is there more work to do abso lutely. But everything's gotta start somewhere right

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