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Transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths is your host. He wore noble. And this was the main thing that i wanted to cover. I think called affirmations affirmations now what what are operations. Where do they come from. Do they work. What can we do to make them effective or make more effective or of air complete. Waste of time. Love to know what you think popular coins as we go along as well share your experiences. Excuse me but affirmation. So let's take what what are affirmations those things you tell yourself positive things in order to in order to boost yourself in order to help you achieve great things sometimes it's called positive mental attitude formations all of these sorts of things and interesting. It comes from a gentleman of a good few years ago. back in the nineteen twenties. Those gentlemen published a book called self mastery through conscious altered suggestion. Self moscow through conscious or suggestion was the books that he published. His name was a amiel kuwait and he described dr discover when he was working with his patients. He gave them positive positive talk. Throughout the protests if found they tended to have a higher rate of recovery hated more tests and experiments in in this and he came up with a very famous phrase which You've probably heard every day in every way. I'm getting better and better every day in every way i'm getting better and better. You may love her that one. That was a music. He came up with Impoverished in his his book self street through through conscious or suggestion that back in the twenties s and his recommendation was he had his patients. Repeat that phrase to themselves twenty times every morning just as they woke up twenty times every evening just as they were drifting off to sleep he would help them repeat that phrase to themselves every day in every i'm getting better and better will repeat itself twenty times each morning each night and attended to find. They used to get better results than those. Who don't Say excuse me. So that's that's was the basis of what we call affirmations affirmation being built upon built upon that concept and nowadays people they will they will say all sorts of things themselves in order to to bolster their minds to change the mindset. I am greatness. I am destined for success. I find making wealth. Easy all of these. Do they work. Say hey it's all works. It's got work because it worked for that for that bloat with his everyday stuff now. His fa- spook people for some people. Yes affirmations do to have a positive effect some very powerful positive and yet and yet for many people have no effect whatsoever seems to have no effect at all doesn't make one iota of difference for some people and she seems to make things a little worse so once going on how come Emigres patients someone got better and yet for hours of his using these affirmations. Just doesn't seem to work at all. What is going on the couple of clues in what the annual us said in the where he said you had to had to work it. Those very important aspects seemed to have got lost. The whole myth awesome. we thought. Oh gee around affirmations has has taken alive. Its own yet admitting those those core pots. We'll come to them in a moment but let's take what is going on. Why why could affirmations even have any effect at all. How could they possibly work. I'm named has got kind of two main. Compare you can. Broadly think of it as components. You've got the conscious. That's the big. That's your awareness of it. We think of when you're thinking you're where you're aware the of thinking english conscious and then we go unconscious which is kind of like under the under the hood and that's the bit that does everything has the there that body lives And it controls everything. I use it. Where we we think great thoughts and we are reminding staffan but on our unconscious is the corporate which which controls everything and our unconscious has effectively huge series of rule books which it creates as as as we learn as we go through. We learn from conscious crease. These rule books now are unconscious. Will things pretty much unquestioningly. You can think of your unconscious. As like a seven year old sibling they love you dearly. They will do anything and everything for you but seven years old. They will believe anything that you tell them. This is not helpful thing for us to have in life to accept everything we're told unquestioningly echinacea all manner of of problems and that was always true even throughout the whole The whole of the history of the human race and over time we have this thing called critical sometimes called the critical factor. Whatever you wanna call. It's kind of a thing which is between the conscious unconscious sits between what's coming in. I want our our unconscious. Processes and this critical faculty critical factor would have moon different people. Call it different things. I'm

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