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Abdullah Saeed is a lecturer at Kabul Polytechnic University. Our people have very bad experience since 40 years. Now our people thinking if govern, our government cannot control the situation may be the civil war will be start U. S. Officials say the military has left Bagram airfield, the epicenter of the war to oust the Taliban. Elsa has strengthened into the first hurricane in the Atlantic season. It's battering the eastern Caribbean. It might reach Florida as a tropical storm by Tuesday. This is a P news Extreme drought is tearing apart communities in the massive river basin that spans the Oregon California border. The government stopped irrigation to hundreds of farmers for the first time in history. Everybody depends on the water, the climate, the river for their livelihood. That's that's the blood that ties us all together. Farmer Ben Duval worries about what will happen with no water coming in. Constant looming threat over me that in my going to be the generation that ends up losing the family farm because of Situation situation that's beyond my control. The climate tribes consider the fish species critical to their culture and heritage. To me. There's too many people after two little water, you know, we need to see a Right sizing of agriculture, irrigated agriculture, which is basically needs to be downsized. That's Chairman Don Gentry. There's also no extra water for down River salmon. A parasite is killing thousands of salmon. Ed Donahue. AP News I'm Rita Foley with an AP News Monette employers added 850,000 jobs in June, the latest sign the economy is rebounding powerfully from the pandemic recession. Triple A says This may be the second highest July 4th travel holiday on record about 48 million of us will be on the road or in the air. The triple A's Andrew Gross. The empty roads of the past year are kind of over there. If you choose to leave, like on a Thursday afternoon or Friday afternoon, which is the time we recommend you don't leave, but if you do, you will be facing traffic jams around major metropolitan areas. The U. S military left Bagram airbase in Afghanistan as the U. S winds down its war there. These are Charles de la Decima, A district administrator says the American departure was done overnight without any coordination with local officials. And as a result, dozens of local looters stormed through the unprotected gates before Afghan forces are again control. I'm.

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