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Kind of like what how would you compare it like kenny g of kenny jason mraz morass what is it they chase him around like his style yes mclovin third eye blind is playing right after the belmont by the way i heard that on the radio's morning there's plenty of seats available didn't didn't the lead singer third eye blind date shirley's there on yeah and and he was the star was and nobody knew who shirley's the're on was there's this unbelievable piece of video of him stephen jenkins i think his name perkins i think it's jenkins jenkins he is like coming out of a club in hollywood and he's got this bombshell on his arm and the guy that pop rats are all like stephen and shirley's just goes walking away and they're like by the way who is that oh yeah that's my girlfriend and every they're all like she is going to be a star yeah we don't know what she does but she's going to be a star possible hot take that first third eye blind album pure fire front toback phenomenal album i don't i don't know third i i'm sure i do but i are they hate jealousy is that third eye blind now that's gin blossoms also fun toback great out they wrote gin blossoms wrote unbelievable songs i thought i liked gin blossoms yeah but i don't know third eye blind i forget the name of the album but it is one that has like all of their hits on it i do have names for these hits it has like semi charmed life jumper okay wait how's it going to be there's seriously there's like a dozen really belongs on that album yeah i don't mean be disrespectful i just i don't really dive into third eye blind very often unless it's by accident did you trains going to perform in our.

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