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In the context of sort of no good deed going unpunished you might recall that in addition to. The District Court trial of Michael Flynn. In which the government's motion is pending there is also a DC circuit appeal, and the reason for that is win judge Sullivan did not immediately grant. The government's motion to dismiss Sidney POW. Again on the shortlist of one of the dumbest lawyers in America a Sydney Powell representing Michael. Flynn took immediately filed an amicus petition in the DC circus. Circus. We're not even I'm not even. Circuses on my mind. Not Even GonNa have Brian correct that I misspoke. She did not file an amicus petition. She petitioned for a writ of Mandela's. Lawyer joke that kills more like the DC circus of. She immediately went to the DC circuit and said Oh. You have to grant men, Damis, and that man dame. This is tell Judge Sullivan. He has no discretion to entertain whether or not to dismiss the case under forty eight A. He's got to do it right now, We could have also. I will tell you the Watergate prosecutors intervened at the DC or an amicus brief DC circuit. We could have filed in that case as well I did not because let's work writing. Amick and well seriously writing amicus briefs is is hard. We would have had to have written a second brief, and even though it would have drawn largely from the first one it would have been a lot of additional work and and we would have had to have done it earlier and This argument is. Terrible so I don't look. It's going to be two one 'cause. Naomi row was on the panel, but but they're going to lose, and they're going to lose hard and the way in which you can tell. They're going to lose heart. I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA link. This in the show notes Sydney Pals. Brief is one of the stupidest non jaysekulow pleadings I have ever read right like if it is just retelling the same like Cunanan version of Michael Flynn that she's been trying to peddle before Judge Sullivan and I. I'm telling you Wilkins and Henderson who are the other two judges on the panel. Don't WanNA. Hear this nonsense. Do these people know they're lying or do they actually believe this or they just don't care I I? Really WanNa know. IDOL. I can't tell either. I can tell you this because this is a petition for rid of Mandela's. Judge Sullivan is the respondent in this case and I i. I'm going to read you. This is a paragraph from page to This is what? A pending defendant before United States District Court. Judge has said about that. District Court judge to the court. That's up. That's next up from that district. Court judge right and the idea that you would talk about. The judge who's going to sentence you this way is. Something, only Sydney Powell do so. Here's what she says. The brief when the government moved to dismiss and the petitioner. That's Michael Flynn filed his consent. Respondent that's judge. Sullivan issued a defacto call for amnesty. The next day responded appointed amicus gleason who requested a briefing schedule anticipating need for time for any factual develop. Petitioner promptly filed this rip responded issued the order as requested, and Amicus has now complied launching a six hundred page frontal assault on General Flynn and the Justice Department's motion, calling it pretextual worse to paraphrase judge. Posner. amicus is playing attorney general. It is no doubt position. He could fill with distinction, but it is occupied by another person, which admittedly that's funny, but lower smackdown baby. Yeah, response unprecedented action ignores the facts of this case and defies this court. This court's binding precedent respondent is not in the executive branch and being an article. Three judge has no authority to gin up his own case or controversy where none exists, the game is over and this courtship or the Empire to leave the field. This kind of language. Is You know throughout the brief up including apart I shared out on our our on the OA. twitter in which Sydney Powell. Mistakenly uses the word Basque when she meant to use the word pack. So? Yeah, so she says that Responded Meeting Judge Sullivan and his Basque of Miki. Have you know? I think it's because she uses pack later on now I will tell you and I posed the question this way on on twitter. I I said. Do you think it is either a? Sydney pal does not know the difference between the verb bask and the Noun Pack. or be that she doesn't know the difference between those two, but it's GonNa live and pretend that what she really meant was to use the archaic term. Basque meaning a group of Crocodiles Even though that would make no set right like you like you. You might say pack of sharks to talk about lawyers but like. Lawyers Crocodile Crocodiles or slow. You know cold blooded. It's just it's. It's a dumb it. There's no way that this is an intentional analogy, but But Yeah I mean it is you know respondent and his amicus create a circus and will end will sentenced an innocent man. I mean it's just that the rhetoric is. is out of control and and it, and it's a truly strategically stupid, so maybe from a strategic standpoint this is. Just a truly stupid decision. You're going to get an angry impassioned dissent from Naomi row. Because that's who this is aimed at, but if you truly believe that Michael Flynn was a you know was one hundred percent innocent. changed his story once he got out from under the thumb of that evil, Covington and burling. That forced him deplete even though something something something Cunanan. I you know I. I like Daniel then. You'll love this brief, but. The rest of the D. C. Circuit I strongly predict will not that argument by the way is while you're listening to the show if you listen to. The show drops on Friday the twelfth, so we will soon know and the way in which that resolution works is if Mandy Mrs granted then Sullivan will be instructed to dismiss the case, and all of this will be for not and the republic will be over. If it is not which is what I predict then. We shift back to the District Court where we have filed are amicus and the court will then decide What am I? GonNa do with this motion. Am I going to grant it? Am I going to hold it sub Curia which means? To wait and conduct a hearing conduct additional fact-finding, or am I going to dismiss it out? I'm going to say I have enough evidence to say that that the stinks and And I'M NOT GONNA. Let the government come in and and do a favor for politically connected connected defendant So that's what we're waiting on. That's why this matters and I haven't were were nearing the end of the show and I haven't gotten a chance to like walk through. How Great Judge Gleeson 's briefest. I'm going to make it in the show it's. It's a brisk eighty two ages podcast. Yeah, so it's a, it's A. It's a you know tidy..

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