Kabila, Kinshasa, Prime Minister discussed on BBC World Service


Is my view account pre hutu deserve today more than ever it to be in peace these my sincere hope that now the current authorities present kabila will take bold measure approved shoul how much he loves discount pre diaz but when you put your concerns when when you were in kinshasa and you put the kinds of concerns you've just aired here to people in authority to people in government are they recognize the scale of the problem they did and there at that time the prime minister even committee that day will make every effort to organize peace farham so as to promote reconciliation among the people in the kasai and that has been off course some measures backed yet as i say we need to do more you will work is on the prevention of genocide how do you convince people who have developed such an irrational hatred for another group that they shouldn't carry out the kinds of atrocities that your trying to prevent where we need first and foremost to promote inclusive societies when you see what is happening indoors countries around the world who shot facing conflict where appleseed crimes by which i defer genocide crimes against humanity were gums are being committee it is the result of lung discrimination it is the result of exclusion when you see people being excluded from access.

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