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So Dave Righetti departs. It'll be Peterson, lefty against Lefty. If you're an optimist, you look at what? Oh, such has done listening, and he's retired the lefties, with the exception of Adrian Gonzalez. So now he'll face Peterson with the bases loaded. We're just about ready to get going. Pearson stepped up, but now we're ready. Oh, such to Peterson. And the pitch outside and high one ball and no strikes. Will be pitched number 19. Coming up to Peterson is the rain comes down. Even a little harder. Laurie Garrett is in the bullpen for the Giants getting loose. Events like on deck. Here's the pitch. It's low ball, too. So now you're gonna take a little bit of walk off the back of the mound. He's gotta come in. If you have any thoughts of coming back in this game. His pitch is got to be a strike. And the Giants. Lefty is ready the over ship design. And the pitch. And it's a strike that would have evolved in one strike. Didn't have to be a strike. Let's put it that way. Low sort of robbery, two balls and one strike a bouncing ball. The belt got it flipped such high ocean steps on the bag. Doctors leave him loaded. We'll go to the bottom of the eighth. The Giants don't have a run. They don't have a hit Crawford to lead things off. It's to nothing. L A R B L, A walkoff on KNBR 1045 and 6 80 These sports leader.

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