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In the morning so i humbly apologize is i didn't mean to go that long talking about that particular Topic bites this is how to show work. Sometimes sometimes we get some news in real time and we pretty much got to react to it In that fashion Side think we pretty much got done talking about the. Yeah you know. No we didn't we were talking about the. Wwe new japan pro wrestling thing. Yeah so the same fans that you know are been saying for years they want it for. Wwe reach readouts the promotions and everything. I think it's hilarious. That we have a good vocal majority of fans that are trying to bash. Wwe and look at them. Trying to get on the w bandwagon and seeing our e w is and it's like where you guys been. Wwe as unto aureus reputation for the working with other promotions is just been a case right now where the right wine kind of hasn't been coming on. I mean god fucking say they were working with evolve recently. Fcw over vw. So i i mean let's not try to make it seem like. Wwe is trying to be the popular kid on the block in trying to follow in suit with no. Let's just throw that out the fucking door. It's not even like that at all. It's not even like that at all and not for nothing. But here's some more experience comes in here. I may active member of the wwe fans council and basically a lot of merchandise. That you see that's floating around programming things of that nature. We pretty much get surveyed about all of that shit particularly. I remember a couple years back. Wwe n this really should not surprise. Anybody what i remember about two two. Maybe three years ago there was a survey that was put out for us fan council members and had to do with wwe network programming and wwe one. It's to know. Hey would you be interested in checking out. New japan pro wrestling content on a network. And you know it was interesting. How he pretty much had gave us the information. How everything led up to that goes. I remember one of the questions you know. Hey what what a wrestling promotions do you check out besides wwe. And i remember there was some options there. I think there might have been even in other wine and it was nice. Howie just transitioned into new japan. They asked about new japan. They asked abou- ring of honor. Oh i want to say they even asked about. W i'll try to see during the weekend of i can actually dig up that survey Sure it's somewhere floating around. But they definitely asked about new japan to the point they even had brought up the question of okay pretty much. Hypothetically speaking we get new japan. Let's just say the knee japan content. You know it would be available on a higher tier. Would you be willing to pay a higher tier to be able to watch a new japan. Content was like yeah. And i remember that week. All the podcasts. All dirt sheets. The you just couldn't help but wonder so what's going on here. Is new japan getting ready to do something with. Wwe what what's going on here and remember guys. There was even that one report again long before a w came about there was a report that was floating around the research. Where wwe we was trying to see about acquiring the new japan pro wrestling library. I don't know if they were just trying to get like the entire library like everything that new japan has put out in. Its history or they were only trying to get up to a certain but there is even discussion there where they were trying to see about about obtaining the new japan pro wrestling library And if new japan pro wrestling was for cell or some shit. Like that. And i remember the the japan pro wrestling president. You know he pretty much was like nah. We're good. we're pretty much comfortable doing our own thing right now. You know we appreciate wwe but no. We're we're good you know. We're we're all right khanna. Funny how same fans some years back. That were clamoring and just salivating at that idea. You know now it's you know. Wd brewery all that shit. Tony kahn. He made the news in regards to everything that came about here with these rumors between. Wwe new japan. He called out new ww chief revenue officer nick con over those rumors. And you know yet. A a obviously have a shared name there. But here's what he had to say as we get ready to go live to ninety dynamite on. Tnt just wanted to address as the forbidden door. I just read in the observer today. That new japan pro wrestling has apparently has a had talks with. Wwe's president nick con- well nick. I have to say you've been talking to new japan pro wrestling for two months. You've gotten a lot done just in the last two weeks. I've had yuji nagata ren noura iraqi romero and a w i've reunited ripon device. I've had the new japan. I w gp us champion. Jon moxley defend the title successfully on our show retaining and i have future plans with new japan pro wrestling for the us title. So you must have really gotten a lot done in the two months nick. In fact i think there's only room for one con in the wrestling business. Nick and it's me it's tony. Kahn is not some con man from connecticut. Abbott fund show tonight. Nick see you on dynamite. Then of course you know one show kind of taken a little bit of a of a jab to friday night smackdown in everything Yeah you know i. I'm not surprised. Tony kahn had reacted to this news. I'm not surprised when little bit by it Way to come off way to come off a little bit rattled though. It's like honestly you don't have to suck your own dick. That's my message to anybody. Look when you know. You're doing your business right you handling it right. You should don't stink. You ain't got a broadcast it you know why because it's the people that are around you your loved ones. Your friends your family your colleagues. They're going to be the ones that's going to be seeing your praises. They're going to be talking about. They're going to be talking about everything that you've been achieving within recent weeks in every day.

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