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Maybe lots of clutter on the parkway this afternoon, north and side at Agent 100 Crashes cleared, apparently a new one over by 102 in the right lane. You've got some slowdowns around that in the south, and they cleared one from the local ends coming into 1 16 in the home Nelvis Saturday. They've also clear to crash on the parkway north of 1 44. The traffic is still pretty stuffy in that area, this reporter sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples is evolving. The staples connect a new world of possible with innovative tools for small business ever. Boat workers and learners explore what's new at your local staples Store or staples. Connect dot com. 27 Still pretty rough dated five down to three. Then onto 4 40 coming out of Woodbridge Avenue crashes gone rude one. You've got slowdowns in Edison and also into the Woodbridge area. NJ TRANSIT Trains Store Delays of up to one hour on a Morris Essex, Gladstone, Montclair in Boonton line, following some overhead wire problems. Tom Rivers, New Jersey traffic North Jill Myron, New Jersey Traffic South 70 Sixes and 6 76. They are just slow groove at the Walt Whitman area on 2, 42 and 42 South. Takes it slow from there, down through 2 to 95 he a little mad dash, and then you're slow again at 42 south at Fry's Mill Road through the Green Tree Road on the north Beyond sight, it's backed up in Ch 42 around Turner's Ville as well. And then watch out for some slowness at the Commodore Barry Bridge, leaving New Jersey across the span. This is all because of some issues on the span of the bridge. The left lane is closed off, and the 95 on the other side is all backed up with road work as well. And the Ben Franklin Bridge is clogged. Across the span, leaving New Jersey The right lane is out for repairs. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report for 33 on New Jersey one a 1.5 Doyle, Get on that radio. You can. Now listen to New Jersey. 11.52 Minsky and oil.

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