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My brother Douglas J. three prime all sixty two year old Douglas James has been missing for more than two weeks an attorney working with his family says on November fifth CHP officers arrested the man's twin brother Donald James on suspicion of delight and impounded his car Douglas and their dog teddy bear with him Donald says the officers assured him they would take Douglas to the home he shares with his brother in south LA explain to a very clearly get my brother child may give me and I I still have please take them home and they said a war we may get Donald says he was later told the officers drop Douglas and the dog off somewhere in Torrance he was given three different locations and I will look at all that night in a small and nice day I've been looking up in today's date now I've been all downtown skit role showing pages up and everything the dog was found in Wilmington the families filed a missing person report with the LAPD the CHP says in a statement consistent with agency policy the officers drove Douglas James and his dog to a safe public place a Carl's junior in LA Douglas James communicated with the officers freely and logically and exhibited no indication he was unable to care for himself the CHP also says after learning Douglas James has dementia it is reviewing the actions of the officers and will help in any way account to find him let's get this guitar KNX ten seventy newsradio you can see a photo of the missing men on our website can extend seventy dot com the federal civil juries awarded more than thirteen million dollars to the family of a man who died after a fight with three Anaheim police officers three years ago the three officers fought with Fuhrman Valenzuela for seven minutes trying to subdue it with tasers of physical force finally resorting to a carotid chokehold which instead cut off of any of their supply leading to a coma and death turning your water ocean said the jury's ruling that excessive force was used should send a message of use of the hold is no longer acceptable this Crowder artery hold is a very dangerous hold and the officers are not properly trained and we even when they're properly trained is very dangerous holder should not be used well the Anaheim police departments though changed its policy to where the carotid hold could be used of a suspect is assaultive Martirosyan argues it through you should be limited to deadly force encounters or the only other options usual firearm to preserve an officer's life or that of an innocent person in the mid Wilshire district of a tree okay and extend seventy newsradio we have a video that violent confrontation you can see it on our website it's a chaotic send seventy dot com we got a sig alert in studio city on the one on one east will take your traffic coming up in five minutes it it's nine ten.

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