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And it was kind of, like you can't find yourself rooting for him beaten LeBron whoa, NATO route throat as much, but they are thirty one in four with Steph and no K D may not be better. But the different isn't much worse. Nobody in the media will say this, but they're going to be fine without K D the favorite to win the west without Katie Houston's old. Chris Paul's out of his prime. Steph, isn't Draymond not clay's not. I thought Draymond was that. I watched the play offs. He's not. The fine boogie cousins, by the way. And here's the thing when Kevin Durant leaves boogie cousins just had another injury. Not like he can to ban. A lot of money not like boogie cousins, go to the warriors, and demand. A lot of money. They may just say, here's what you get then I got staff clay Draymond and size by the way, mid level exemptions. You don't think guys are on a legal play with these guys. Don't wanna play with staff. You don't think guys around this league one don't play with Steph clay Steve Kerr? We've seen it with New England. Once you got the coach once you got the stars. And once you have the system, you can get see, plus guys and elevate them briefly New England does this Wes Welker. Chris HOGAN, Dion branch when they weren't. You're like oh, that's a b- player west Walker was an a they leave generally, not the same. So you can put once you have the coach the system and the stars warriors Kerr. Klay staff the system never forget this Festus zeal, got paid because he played in the system left, where to go, most spates got paid because he looked really good in their system. Harrison Barnes got paid Watson lately. This is the patriots this idea, Katie is going to leave. Oh, I don't know what we're going to you got to stars to best shooters in the league. You got a guy that always delivers in the playoffs. Draymond green. You got a great coach. You've got a great system you ever notice this with the warriors. Most bates. Zeal e. Harrison Barnes, ever notice. This guy's plan the system. Then go get paid, Malcolm Butler with a patriots Dion Lewis. When the patriots Dion branch for the patriots. Danny amendola with a patriots. They sure look a lot better when they got Bella check Brady in the system. Don't they most fades, look, a lot better when he had her clay staff drain? Yeah. It's funny how it works. They're going to be fine. Nobody's saying they're better without Katie. They're a different team. And that different I'd still argue is the best in the league now. We'll see it against Milwaukee, I do think they could use Durant size. With milwaukee. So much good stuff. I, I will say this. A lot of people I was bummed out last night. It's not nothing against it's nothing against New Orleans, because small markets work all over the you know. Okay sees relevant Portland's relevant. Green Bay Packers relevant. Saints relevant. It's not. There's all sorts of relevant small small-market, especially in the NBA. It's about the market size Nixon Lakers. Bad league still doing fine Milwaukee right now. Denver right now. It's not it's not about New Orleans. I, I was bummed out for the kid. I'm rooting for the kid now. I've been doing this now thirty years. And so I said this yesterday. I'm looking for juice. I don't care about regular season baseball Yankees Red Sox cubs. Dodgers playoffs. I'm in. I don't care about regular season stuff. I want juice. That's why I'm a football guy. Saturday's feel big every Saturday, Sundays feel big it's hard for me to get jacked up for January NBA. I'm not gonna lie to you. It just I've seen I've seen James harden Westbrook dominating December, then do a ton for me the other thing. So I'm looking for juice all the time to stay interested. Right. I want the big stuff I love World Cups. I love the US open. I love the masters. I may not talk golf. I love the majors. I may not talk a ton of soccer. I love the World Cup. I don't talk boxing. But I go to fights. I don't talk. You have see. But I go to the fights, I like big juice..

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