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WCBS news. Radio 8 80. It's eight o'clock, deadly infernos. These trees just went up. Popo Popo. President defends Pandemic response We did it just the right way have to become fans react to NFL's moment for a quality. Good morning. I'm Steve K. Thin with the CBS. World News Roundup. At least 16 people are known dead and the dozens of wildfires that have roared through parts of several Western states. In Oregon, More than half a million people are out of their homes more than 10% of the state's population. Our coverage begins with CBS's Carter Evans in Oregon. Flames have scored more than 900,000 acres in a 72 hour period. That's nearly double the amount that typically burns in the state in a year. It's unimaginable in Washington, Dawn Marie Baxter sister Jamie Highland was camping with her husband, Jake, and son, Yuri, Away where there was no cell service. The couple couldn't escape the flames of the Cold Springs fire in their truck, so they ran over a mile in the dark. To a river. Jacob was carrying at least a five gallon bucket of water and baby Ariel input, shielding him with his whole body. By the time rescuers arrive, you're areal had died. His second birthday would have been next month. There was so much smoke. I don't even know how they're alive. Doctors told Jamie. She had also lost her unborn child. This is thief Futterman in Los Angeles. This woman returned to her home yesterday to find a miracle. There stood my house on this island, and everything else was piles of ash is but she is one of the lucky ones. Charity..

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