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Never forget that one for Mikey P's Nets are the walking wounded right now. Spencer Dinwiddie, K. D. Kyrie, Irving, Taurean Prince. DeAndre Jordan, Nick Claxton. They're all not going to the bubble because of injuries or Corona virus. Michael Beasley. They signed him. He got the Corona virus. Now we don't even know if he's going to be able to go back to the bubble. The Nets. This is this is so Nets franchise like you have all this excitement. Kyrie. Katie, you knew Cady. Kevin Durant wasn't going to play this year. And maybe he had some optimism with this layoff since March that he was going to play at some point in the bubble, but it never really made sense. The Nets should have been like you probably think like a six seed this year. Right now there are seven seed..

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