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Comfortable seats and well-designed cup holders make the ride in the sample physically cozy while in dash cd players and we'll mounted radio controls allow ample entertainment with minimal hassle income soul powerful. You're listening to heartland news feed radio network. Live twenty four seven at heartland newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook. Twitter and instagram's the president addresses the border. I mary corsini fox. News president biden calling the situation at the border crisis as he speaks to reporters saturday about his response plan. Republicans have been pushing president biden and members of his administration to call. What's happening at the southern border crisis. They have refused instead calling it somewhat of a challenge and the president was asked after he finished that round of golf about extending the refugee camp for this fiscal year. He signed an emergency determination. Which would put a cap at the trump era level of fifteen thousand refugees in the fiscal year. But there was immediate push back even biden ally. Dick durbin senator from illinois said facing the greatest refugee crisis in our time. There is no reason to limit the number to fifteen thousand. Say it ain't so president. Joe sox's david punt and police say driver who ran a red light through a chemical liquid at new york city. Police officer drove away in the tossed. Flaming molotov cocktail at pursuing officers. He later crashed his car and was arrested. Saturday police chief. Rodney harrison tweeted saturday evening that the liquid thrown at the officer was bleach. Officials suggested anti police sentiment may have played a role in the incident plus social media blocking a report from the new york post focusing on one of the co founders of black lives matter both and twitter have walked this story saying it goes against its policies online. This all stems from the new york post releasing an article about the recent real estate purchases of one black lives matter movement founder patrisse cullors bought four homes upwards of three million dollars towards journalists. Jason whitlock says that twitter temporarily blocked his tweet for writing about the demographics in the neighborhood of one of those homes. Colours says that money achie- has comes from not the organization but from her multiple jobs like book deal and speaking events. Fox's alex hogan america is listening to fox news running a business. Then why are you still going to the post office do it all online with stamps. Dot com avoid trips to the post office print postage send invoices letters or packages and schedule pickups. Right from your home office. Twenty four seven with stamps. Dot com you get discounts up to forty percents off post office rates and up to sixty two percent off. Ups shipping rates to stamps dot com. Click on the microphone and enter code fox for a four week. Trial plus free postage and a digital scale stamps dot com code fox shooting at nebraska mall. Saturday has left one person dead and another injured as terrified. Shoppers ran for cover approximately noon today. We received a call shooting at west routes mall officers arrived and discovered one victim Preliminarily that victim was transported with serious injuries to burn mercy hospital omaha police department. Lieutenant neil banenky. Speaking authorities believe the shooting at west mall in omaha was an isolated incident and not a random attack officers determine. The suspects had fled the scene after searching them. All this as a manhunt was underway in california saturday night for at least two suspects after gunfire broke out at a fresno shopping mall plus a vigil taking place on saturday. Honors the eight victims. Who were killed in the indianapolis mass shooting at a fedex. Site thursday found. The best we can do is give each other strength and support. And that's what we'll do. In the days in the weeks ahead fedex ground representative ryan. Henry took to the stand to show his support for those dealing with the tragedy and the incident has reopened the gun. Violence discussion as president biden calls on lawmakers to step up and pass stricter gun violence legislation as soon as possible. It comes as new. Details are emerging about the deadly event for victims. Were shot and killed in the parking lot of the fedex facility and four more were fatally shot inside the building. The victims range in age from nineteen seventy four years old and four of them. Were part of the sikh community in indianapolis a family member of one of the victims said in a statement quote my family. Our family should not go. Unsafe at work at their place of worship or anywhere enough is enough. Our community has been through enough trauma victims. 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