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Podcast. Once again you boy derelict's and gre the house hygiene. What's what's up. I got nothing quickly. This week has been looking weak. It has been very solid like. Yeah that no drama puffing the obviously really go in on sociable and you think that's leading to something or do you think it's just actually hatred. I honestly think at this point. He's taking the piss out of soldier. Boy is stupid comments. Yeah i think he's going hard on. Wwl if they'll step in and tell into like ci order than i yeah. I woke up to that. That's the first thing. I saw this morning's tape about his anyway. He's bits and pieces this for weeks now the other week you were like hey can you tell my wife now. Fake wrestling his soldier boy. Or it's been love it but he went in today he would aid but yeah it just stayed obviously Big shout to rhodope Brian james in his family It sounds like he had attack wednesday or thursday the and he's had a procedure a hot procedure to knee like monday. Last night or something. today. I haven't had too much today. Would be addicted. Be today's monday right. Okay says today. Oh yes not tuesday's breaking the fourth wall people. It's not really. Jesus stay but yes. He's out a tweet and stuff and we tweeted as well. We shouldn't investigate babs road dog. You know like if you wanna pretended. Tuesday met you see up. We could probably guess. Garros got guy it. I gotta get dragged out in spots But yeah we. We wish him a speedy recovery. 'cause assay road doug was even billy gunn. Probably my favorite tag team of. I've just watched the ninety-eight dumpster match with him against practice jackson chain. So charlie billy god just what it was. It was dagger changed so charlie mcsweeney com.

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