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There was another police officer. Killed in the line of duty yesterday this one in New York City. His name was Brian Simonson. He was a detective was shot and killed and really a tragic situation. Friendly fire. The man was married. He was a father nineteen year NYPD vet. In happened. When he and a sergeant with the New York City police department by the name of Matthew Gorman were responding to an armed robbery. Call cell phone store, a T mobile store. The shooting was the first NYPD on duty death by gunfire. And over a year. However was the second time the New York police officer was shot in three months. The last one happened also a friendly fire incident back in December. What makes it? Even more tragic is the detective was planning on retiring later this year. Authorities say the suspect had an extensive arrest record, and he'll be going to jail for a very long time. Of course, we here in Milwaukee. Are well aware of the tragedy. That now happened six days ago involving officer Matthew Rittner, in fact, his procession. The funeral now seems to be over we have coverage here. VR news. Our new source and FOX six it was supposed to get done around four thirty. But it looks like the funeral frosts Rittner has ended at the oak creek assembly of God church that's around thirteenth street. And now that procession is starting this is while tragic, and we're going to get into a little bit about officer Rittner here in just a few moments. We do want to give you heads up at this is going to be causing some major traffic issues that Jon Wyatt will bring us up to speed here in a couple of minutes, especially when they get to seven ninety four as the funeral procession by police officers from all over the area, including a friends and family of officer Rittner makes its way to the Kraus's funeral home in Brookefield where. Or the family will be able to have a some private time before burial. It's unfortunate to an extent. It's understandable to it's it's human nature to put things out of sight out of mine until it's front and center, and as we've witnessed over the last six days with officer written, unfortunately for those of us here in southeastern Wisconsin. In those in the Milwaukee police department, especially it's been far too common in these past few months because between officer Mahal ski. And then officer Irvine were both killed in the line of duty as well. It's. Been something that we're reminded about when a police officer loses their life that what they do every single day. They don't know if they're going to see the end of the day. And for those of us who aren't in that line of work, and you can apply the men and women in the military and firefighters and anyone else. The poor guy who working for the department of public works. Brian Regan who was killed by deal. Phillip potholes. When he woke up, I the last thing on his mind would so that he'd be killed in an accident. And I'm guessing. For most of these police officers of Mojo, these police officers not just the empty, but all to find apartments here around the area. They know the danger that they are potentially in when they put that badge on every day. I mean, unfortunately in this day and age, I'm sure some of them know that even when they don't have the badge on they know they're a target because of the line of work. They chose to do. It's a line of work that a lot of us didn't choose because we couldn't do what they do. I'll be the first to admit that. The men and women who put on the uniform, whatever uniform that may be. They're better people than me. I have no shame in admitting that the sacrifices they make the sacrifices that their family makes is absolutely incredible. In its watching funeral processions like the one I am right now. And I'm sure you have in your lifetime that unfortunately reminds us of the gratitude. We should have for those who wear the uniform again, I don't want to just pigeonhole police officers right now because there are so many men and women who do jobs that. Like, I said I couldn't do. Now if it was the nineteen sixty eight and Lyndon Johnson asked me to put on the uniform. I would because I love my country. I do today. I did yesterday wanted to be successful tomorrow. I would serve my country. Hopefully, if I had to do that, I would do it to the level of people like officer Rittner in other heroes. And it's unfortunate that in this dange. There's so many people who look at police especially as the enemy. For reasons that. Escaped me. Now, that's not to say, there aren't bad cops. There are of course, there are there are bad apples in every single line of work. There is so to say universally because it's a couple of bad cops or a couple of bad, firefighters or bad military. To apply that to all of them. You have no sense of reality. There are more good than bad. That's such a basic statement. But it's true. And they're better than a lot of people who do other lines of work. Just by the fact that they're able to do that line of work. I mean, look at me, I'm here at our greenfield Wisconsin studios in a bad day for me might be being off the air for ten seconds. I'm serious. That's for those in our line of work radio. Dead air is what we have nightmares about. Holy cow. Can you imagine what some of these Paul? You have friends that are law enforcement or serve in the military. Your future son-in-law is a police officer. I played softball. The bunch of Milwaukee county sheriff's we played for many years at Sheridan park down there by the airport and Donna concl- park in greenfield. And then you go out for, you know, the the pitchers of beer at the end of the night the stories they shared. And the respect I have in fact, unfortunately, whenever there is. I know an officer killing I'm I don't want to know the name because I'm afraid it's gonna be one of the guys, I know or women, I know. A bad day for me doesn't even compare. They they would love they pray. That their days are as bad as what most of the publics are. And then they have to go through. What they have these past few days knowing that it was not even necessary. I mean, no killing is of anyone. But especially in the case of officer Rittner. Here's this deadbeat of a guide. Jordan frikkie. While his family makes all the excuses. They want for them. Hasn't been won't amount to anything. Selling guns selling drugs? Police find out about it. They want to get them off the street. He starts shooting. No. Of course, not exactly Paul says. It's a again. You never wanna. It's hard to put rational thoughts into clearly in your rational person. But here's this guy, dad, married. Big brewers fan. Young son served two terms and overseas fighting for his country as a marine, it's all. The utmost respect goes to the men and women who put on the badge and their families as well because they make sacrifices each and every day. But even knowing insane everything that I just have. We're still going to look at cops in negative light. I don't mean to the extent that the Colin Kaepernick of the world do. But I'm guessing maybe at one time rather police officer has been there to assist us in a time of need. And we show our preciado for that. These men and women they're they're on the frontlines every single day, and they never know what they might encounter. When they go to work. I mean, depending upon the time of day that they do work might be a routine. Utter pandemonium. They're reality is uncertainty every single day. Like, I said there's people in this community who look at what they do the police as a necessary evil. Folks want them there yesterday when they need them. But when they are the focus of an officer's attention because they've broken the law, even if it's something as simple speeding. Well, then the police become the bad guys. And I'm guessing the cops are okay with that. They're used to it. They know their role. They get what they signed up for when they wanted to become a police officer. They take the good with the bad because they know when they believe that what police officers do can make a difference because they believe in upholding the law. They believe that ultimately good will triumph over evil. I know it's a simplistic way to think of it. But an essence isn't that what police work is. And they want to be a part of that. So when you go home tonight, and you have dinner with your family. Just remember that cop that calmly stood writing your ticket while you curse them out in your head. He's not going to be sitting down with his own family that night because he's protecting you. And he's protecting people like me. When you crawl on your couch? After dinner, and maybe you're snuggling up with your loved one catching up on net. Flicks. Maybe catching up on the work that you weren't able to do earlier in the day just realize that same cop that you called good for nothin' while he was or she patrolling your streets. They're the ones who are keeping you safe each and every night. While you're watching your son or daughter at basketball practice tonight. That cop that you call lazy because you were frustrated. He's looking for a loss. Kid, maybe not even watching his own child practice that evening. You wake up in the middle night guy. Go the bathroom checking your phone. Your Email dingoes off you see your loved one lay next you in bed. That same police officers. Loved one is alone. Wondering if they're going to get that awful phone, call saying their spouse isn't coming home. So the next time you get angry at a cop. Remember what he or she might be missing while they're keeping you and keeping me safe. Because while officer ritter's funeral procession will come to an end. And Thursday will happen in will remember officer Rittner. But as time goes on his memory will fade away for most of the public, obviously except for his family. It's the men and women in police departments all over our area. That are keeping a safe. So thank you for each. And everything that these police officers do because what they do. I couldn't..

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