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We we typically sit down with individuals to get to know them. And then we could talk about, you know some of our different investment strategies and how we help manage people's accounts with private wealth management, samovar institutional teams and how that plays a pivotal role because again we don't want to have all our eggs in one basket. We wanna have maybe a portion that's gonna be liquid that's going to provide, you know the income that you need, you know, for the next 5 10 15 years and then We want to have a pension like income, maybe what's in the new year that's designed to provide guaranteed lifetime income later on down the road. So again, it's that 15 30 minutes strategy sessions really designed to get to know them and some of the different into kind of educate them. On what some of the different strategies we utilize. Or can implement to help them with their overall retirement plan. Then after that call, you know what we try to do is, you know, scheduled meeting to go home or in depth. We'll get into some different tax strategies, how to reduce taxes and retirement. And, you know, make sure there's a sound income as well as a financial plan going forward, And it's more than just like we talked about signing the paperwork receiving a pension. There's so many things to think about in a modern retirement, whether it's tax efficiency, setting up that lifetime income plan, understanding how to take your Social Security benefits, and then there's health care. There's legacy planning. Like the list goes on and on. I know that at the pension group you try to make it a one stop shop, don't you? Oh, we dont even know long term care. We can build that into the plane, You know, you know we've had discussions with other clients. You know, I've That long term care insurance. I don't know if that's the right thing. Well, we can actually build it in the plan really at no additional cost, and you know, that's one of the things that you know, we focusing on is making sure we're covering every facet. You know, we work with the state planning attorneys. We work with C P a firms. No. Someone has a question about their taxes. We have tax software that will help show ways to reduce taxes in retirement with Roth conversions That's one of the areas we really focus in on or maybe passing on assets more tax efficiently to the Children. We try to cover all these areas, or maybe it's been, you know, 15 2030 years since you've done your will maybe doesn't have a power of attorney or health care, power of attorney or financial power of attorney Thies air some of things that we address with some of our state playing attorneys that can set up a trust or just make sure that the basic will is up to date because a lot of things have changed last 15 20 years and maybe who you had down there to watch your kids. You don't need that anymore. You need to make sure that you know the everything's Title properly. And you know, these are all the important things that we try toe address with our clients simply because we don't want to have one thing not covered because that could really derail the whole retirement plan. So that's reason why we're really kind of a one stop shop when it comes to addressing all those areas, you know, for our clients like one of the things I know you love doing is getting out meeting people in central Ohio. And this is where your live events come into play. Describe those. Why do you do these? What do you hope people walk away with? Well when the reasons why we do is, you know is to really kind of educate individuals that are really pre retirees. They're looking at retirement, or we still get retirees that you know, come to our events. You know, they're not really sure if their advisers really doing the best job for them. Maybe it's been a while since they've talked to them. You know, I know here at the pension group. We always try to do reviews every six months with our clients. We sent out notices. We do a lot of things. But the key of these events is really to educate people on pensions. How we can actively manage their four Oh one K and a lot of companies. We work with different employees from different companies where we can actually manager for one k while you're still working, or, you know, one of the gentlemen I talked to earlier this week and I was getting ready. Turned 59 a half and a lot of people don't realize that when you're 59 a half You can actually move your four Oh, one k While you're still working. You're not required to retire. You can move 90 95% of your four Oh one K and you can move that over into your own IRA. We typically use TD Ameritrade. For that. That's who we clear through here at the pension group. We utilize institutional money managers help actively managed because again, this market continues to go up up up. But what happens to the market decides to go down down down? Again. People are getting closer and closer to retirement in people can't afford one of the German I spoke to earlier this week says I can't afford like to lose 30% of what I've accumulated at $1.5 million. I can't afford to lose that type of money right before retirement, and you know he got real conservative with his money, So these events are really educational in nature. They're designed to give information on those topics as well as tax reduction reduction strategies. We talk a little bit about that. And you know for those that obviously want to attend those events have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with me and my team. Just, you know, Schedule one on one type of meeting or we can certainly do is zoom call to help. You know individuals plan for the retirement. So now these events again, there's no obligation for these events. And now we have a couple of events upcoming. I know One of the events were already sold out on which is great, because, you know, I think a lot of people are kind of getting over the whole coffee thing. And Want to get out there. You know, people, you know, Regardless of the situation, people are still gonna retire. There's gonna be opportunities for people and people wanna make sure they're doing everything right. And that's what these events are designed to do is to give him the given that information, give them the power to make an informed decision that Okay. I want to work with the firm that understands pensions that understands retirement planning a firm that's a fiduciary that can guide me down the right path. You know, do my numbers make sense? Can I retire and we've had situations. You know where we've told people based off your numbers. You can't you cannot retire, believe or not, But again. From a fiduciary standpoint, we're going to do what's in the best interest of the client, you know, give them the advice that they need so they can make an informed decision when it comes to the retirement. Mike. We talked pensions. We talked buyouts four Oh, one K. We're talking about how tow plan for a successful retirement. It takes a lot of consideration. And this is why you offer that holistic planning approach at the pension group. Tell people more about how they can get in touch and take action today, we'll certainly they could give us a call 844423 46 100..

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