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Time perhaps most important democratic presidential debate so far is about to begin in Las Vegas and there will be a new face on the stage CBS news Danya Bacchus has a preview Mike Bloomberg will face five of his democratic presidential campaign rivals for the first time when he takes the debate stage tonight in Las Vegas throwing colossal sums of money on television shows you what's wrong with our system and everything hours before the debate I mean it it's targeted bloomer answer questions like the rest of us have been doing well I don't think he has the right to the body the selection Bloomberg who's not on the ballot in the vada is spending four hundred fifteen million dollars of his own money on ads focused on stage with super Tuesday contests he'll spend more by the end of super Tuesday then people span nominees span in a general election campaign for president we have never seen anything like this down your back is CBS news NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is out of the hospital three days after terrifying crash at the Daytona five hundred CBS news Peter king is in Orlando Ryan Newman's team Roush Fenway tweets that he's been released from Halifax hospital in Daytona beach the announcement came about two hours after they tweeted a picture showing him standing with his two little girls saying that he'd shown quote great improvement latest tweet includes a picture of the three of them walking out of the hospital this afternoon Newman and his wife Chrissy had announced their separation just days before the race but she's also posted the picture of the words best site ever Peter king the CBS news Orlando president trump says his administration is re assessed water allocation in California trump said he will sign a rework of environmental regulations that will direct more the state's water to agricultural interests along with our isn't needlessly flush millions and millions of gallons of fresh beautiful clean water from up north straight into the Pacific Ocean it's nothing for the Pacific Ocean noted means like nothing trump said during his campaign he wanted to eliminate rules meant to keep fresh water in rivers.

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