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At two degrees Scorpio and is there a certain degrees Aquarius is there is a chorus this is eight for all intents and purposes the dawning of a dark new age this is what we're seeing in Aquarius is the the the the the the symbolic here you're the new age version yeah have you ever okay synchronicity to go ahead Jeffrey have seen who were all a Twitter about not long ago of course we're not talking about right Jeffrey have seen it's just been pushed to the dustbin of the new cycle Jeffrey up she was born at zero degrees Aquarius which puts his son right on the midheaven of the the Tate la Bianca events so there's a lot of really interesting threads are movie three time here well you know there's something that was written there was a book called the Aquarian conspiracy that was written along time ago about a collectivist conspiracy that would be put on hold where the flower children of the past would have children that would rise up to the task of collectivist conspiracy where they would come together in common cause to what would be called the Karl Marx version of history it was right by a woman named Marilyn Ferguson yeah he was he was not asking for the revolution we based on Marx's models but she knew that the internal process would begin with the counter culture in the sixties I did the counter culture was being programmed in a this is a weird theory but it's in this book she says the counter culture was actually being programmed as a sleeper cell with Ellis Dee and all the other drugs and that the L. S. D. that was being taken by the flower children and all the other drugs that they were exposing them to would give rise to a new generation okay and that generates would give rise to another generation and that generates would fall under the gun under the spell of Hagel in marks and so years after the Aquarian conspiracy was published Maryland Ferguson's forecasts for change and become social realities and she said that student movements of the sixties would find themselves in the twenty first century pushing along the idea of no churches churches failing of religions failing economies failing and much of the truce in values of the United States of America including constitution would fail in the twenty first century at all you needed was a individual breakaway from all collected views all the things they hold you hostage moving forward dropping off government religion getting rid of it open your mind to a new path a new way a new dream of the ages and that is a global plantation the idea of living on a global plantation and she even cited John Lennon song imagine as the song that exemplifies all of these things so I mean you don't put that as you were just talking about a query in the query an ideal the Aquarian conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson is a book that deals with Manson and the the generations that follow him basically quote his children and what they would do to carry out certain tasks in order to bring.

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