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Been so impressed with Casey he's going here. And there and doing everything ready for his crackpot. We've been laughing about Super Bowl pot rose crackpot gates, and I've taken an informal polling of our brothers. Next door. You know, what are they still call the ESPN called scorn arts? Gordon? Okay. This sports guys. This vast all of them. What would you think if you've got invited to a Super Bowl party was report rose in a crock pot? And Phil Mackey said I don't like pot rose on a good day like at my mom's house Dowsett and barbecue sauce. I don't think basically everyone's like, well, if you don't want to have people over again, I said it's a temporary blip. We'll go back to my food next year. This is really bad because I've offered to me chili cream of chicken wild Ray soup. Stuffed Kirk chicken croissants with almonds and. Craisins a nice spinach dip, some good meatballs. I mean. You know, I'm thinking of Sidney I'm thinking of the people snacking and grazing and eating you know, because some people come over at four for the hullaballoo not me. No. I know you're not. But I'm just saying that that anyway. I'll get good bread. I mean, that's all I can really offered the people in some good butters. I'll make a couple of appetizers with the PC has threatened. He goes the next time. You have a party I'm going to be involved. And.

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