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A third down an long kion cross trots over the sideline to talk with rob warrior about what the play call is here on third down in tan kion has not throwing the ball much this season in fact kevin witcher these sophomore quarterback qions backup has thrown the ball more than kion hand so this ram parts team loves to run the football so don't rule it out here on third in tan from the randpark forty five yard line cross will pitch it out it will be a pitch to colin phillips and phillips will get the first day i any will give more and he will get sex touchdown ramp part they eat it i was gonna say no flags on the field all day feigned a you're saying though to the touchdown all right so ob a fifty four yard touchdown run the same wion that he had that jet that damn had right when it was called back and now it's a fifty yard fifty four yards touchdown run it by colin phillips what an incredible run e hurdle the defensive back the last guy between islam and the goal y hurdles him and takes it to the house i gotta tell you really impressed with the way these ramp art running back run the ball hit the whole really quick wyss feed ed every single one of them have done it there are there are no east and west runners they go northants out i really love the way the ramp our team plays football so two touchdowns in the first quarter four colin phillips and now rookie on to attempt the extrapoint he missed his last one this one is up in this one is no good and i say up it was barely up under the crossbar goes under the crossbar here so it'll be a nineteen nothing ram part lead in basically they could do every thing except make extra points right now one thirty nine left to go in the.

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