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I'm Jim colony newsradio ten twenty KDKA sports a hundred and six thousand people plus we'll be at beaver stadium Saturday X. amazing I'll be yelling at you Larry. yeah you know it it is to go up there and I absorbed that atmosphere suits it's exciting have you been on the sidelines for append state came in at Happy Valley via a couple years ago right yeah a couple years ago it was yourself think now is very loud really loud it makes it I mean it's fun to me it's a great atmosphere well yeah you can't beat it now this is the big ten is is full of those places where everybody's got since everybody but I mean Penn state Michigan Ohio state all well over a hundred thousand. people in the stadiums for all their games well how about this date. ten dot on their five one one P. eighty which does all the traffic information they now have a special category for traffic going to the Penn state football games. well yeah you have no you have to basically shut down good did they become one way roads right yeah it's kind of like getting away from a hurricane yeah I'm trying to get to it in this case I'll be happy to just be ensconced early Friday in a knot of worry about driving in there Saturday morning is gonna be crazy because a lot of people come game day. yeah noon kickoff is. your sickly you gotta get started early the other people there why don't I don't actually know the parking lot rules are I don't know if they'll be people camped out on Friday well you have the presidential suite at the motel six. yeah I travel with the team so where were the team goes I don't even ask I just show up. stop on the bus and said get on a bus all right Jim we got a lot to talk to you about later too a lot going on in sports today and I keep it on KDKA radio. it's been called the asking of the east a playground in winter and the wonder of color every fall now see the fine chalets in homes in the hills of Silicon builder York it's the first ever eligibility to this Saturday September fourteenth here are just a few of the dazzling living spaces you can call home forty six Martha St former church there is in living we converted to a cozy upscale home. with original stain glass windows behold lady bell tower with the building actually works twelve Greer hill road the spring house model this.

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