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Kennedy out to the airport a twenty eight minute ride eighteen to get to Montrose is have a from the Jane Byrne to North Avenue inbound Cumberland to Harlem and approaching the chamber twenty six so here to downtown thirteen the locals and eight in the inbound express lanes the extension westbound okay eastbound type passing Mannheim a slowdown to the tri state ramps if you're on the Eisenhower Alphonsus road Austin you've got a twenty two minute ride to headed out to Mannheim thirty three to route three ninety the inbound side it's take from western to the Jane Byrne interchange of thirty five three ninety into downtown twenty two coming in from Mannheim Stevenson in around thirty minute ride fifty five on what county it's heavy from fifty three to Weber all because of an earlier crash so from arsenal to River Road ongoing road work northbound heavy river of back to arsenal right now bound fifteen inbound eighteen Ted approaching the Jane Byrne interchange fifty seven the Ford look good thanks for Travis clear tri state is back to normal and we do have a couple of delays there just from that EDA ramp up to the two ninety extension if you're on the Reagan you're fine veterans looks good AT is clear to I. sixty five north out only to re open a U. S. thirty one fill a huge residual delay from two thirty one of two state road fourteen you see something happening give us colonies hammer WBBM are banned traffic tip line is eight five five seven eighty road get traffic and weather together on the it's every ten minutes on his radio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM WBBM accu weather will see some clouds around the area for tonight with a low of twenty five degrees tomorrow intervals of clouds and sun a breezy but not quite as cold.

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