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They got the upstairs area that's like dr coachella yeah mon favor run into welfare all right yeah magic johnson who knows these wacky oa celebrities i forgot to ask you bales goal what is the basketball quivalent of that to do a bicycle kick in a championship game for the go ahead go with thirty minutes left what is like making a seventy five foot three and getting like a four point from seventy five more dramatic than just a long range shot you know it's either that that quarter three phone away at the buzzer while you out any crash into either your venture the opposition spent if the lead or it's one of those you know lebron michael down the lane dunks over you know law show on or you'll like one of those impact moments of i'm stronger bigger better than you are and you're still world class and just show you up okay world cup so i mailed you a list of all the all the teams that have odds 'cause you know my you know we don't have any cousins now involved in that texas well no you know who's involved in that text be because i don't know if you noticed but my country doesn't have a team in the world cup this year so i'm gonna have to pick one and bet on them and pretend that's my team which is really sad it's a sad to be who do you want to do you want to be your came not not like the odds but their country out there you're like man i want to be my team i want this to happen i i want to have this natural run.

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