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That's where Jessica Matthews stands right now, and she knows it. I think ideas they're great, but in a weird way, it's almost like they're meaningless if they don't actually make a difference in our lives, and so Like I had to figure execution because how could I go to my cousin's be like, Oh, I have this cool idea for an energy generating soccer ball. And then, like, two weeks later, and they're like, Hey, how's it going? I'm like, Oh, I just have more ideas. Like what shocks? I'm coming until his dumb stuff Jessica, so I had to come back and be like here's prototype. What do you think everyone's going to be motivated by different things, But I'm the kind of inventor that's looking to make. Whatever amount of time we have in this world better on DSO execution has always been part of it coming up After the break. We explore the handoff from idea to execution and why making something and making it work could be so hard In total, he makes between four and 500 preparatory drawings. For this, the largest painting he's ever attempted. By far that's the most preparatory works that have ever been made in Western history for a single painting as far as we know, and, you know, he talked about charter and other cathedrals saying that you know it took 400 years to finish. Our trip took 600 years to finish Barcelona Cathedral in the Gothic quarter, and he said that God is very patient. As a client. It's you know, he doesn't want to be hurried. Freakonomics radio is supported by progressive insurance committed to providing tools to enable customers to bundle home and auto insurance. Learn more at progressive dot com or.

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