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In one thousand nine hundred sixty three his son John Junior or John John as he was known then was just three years old during the general mass the little boy grew restless so secret service agent Bob Foster took him into the anteroom of the church to keep them occupied an agent foster got him to practice his salute something he had learned for Veterans Day two weeks earlier Marine colonel standing near Oh by notice that the little boy was having a hard time and he stepped in to assist he demonstrated how to perform a perfect crisp salute when the mass was over the boy joined his mother Jacqueline Kennedy and his older sister out front of the Church as the casket past Jackie lean down and whispered John you can salute daddy now and say goodbye little John took a small step forward word and lifted his right hand to his brow the haunting image of him saluting at his father's flag covered coffin is and forgettable and it is absolutely heartbreaking in that moment all of the hopes and dreams that people had placed on didn't Kennedy were passed onto his young son it was a massive burden to bear and would impact every aspect of JFK. three of the ninety s a podcast that looks back at a decade that changed the world on this episode we look at the cultural and social impact of John laugh Kennedy junior a man who grew up as a living national treasure and became the most desired man in America talk to people who knew him and you'll hear new details about his life and his short marriage to Carolyn bessette their deaths not only marked the end camelot they also mark the end of a `Paparazzi driven nineties celebrity culture that existed in a world before social media.

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