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You could buy so. It's sort of like cds and sweets and like home ware and just so it was like walmart is walmart sells actual food. You do grocery shopping. Won't call them. Yeah yeah you can't do. You grocery couldn't do grocery shopping. A wolfson this shop. It was everywhere. Every town had a woolworths and it didn't really serve eddie purpose but it could just exist. Wolves just exist that no already tonight. Lead aren't just remember. The credit crunch happening thousand eight and just all of a sudden things couldn't just existed him on the high street. You can have city shop like wars that just existed. Seventy pope shop there really felt like innocence was lost as a twelve yard at time. That all these silly things that could just be. Could it just be anymore. Finger only really be and fried if it said the direct purpose and all of a sudden these shops we just closing left present. I come from a very small town. And before two hundred eight those a chocolate shop in my town short but just sold fancy chocolate and this is a small town like had no reason to have fancy chocolate shop but it could because the woke could support silly things like that and the recession took away. It took away their innocence. And i remember. I have two older brothers day could so easily walk into jobs when they tend sixteen eighteen whatever they got jobs straight off the bat. But a time i was sixteen and they just want enough jobs going on. I interviewed for so many places. I just couldn't get a job like i. Just remember the world becoming very unfair off the at least my specif- anyway get more unfair and harda announcement from the twelve year old to a fourteen year old. It definitely became a lot more gated. Yes gauges the word for. Yeah all of a sudden things just you can just walk into places and exists. Just things tougher and as i've got older To grasp at day one who feel expanded well there but mawson your common is always very profound pulled out the best in us and on next. Message concent- sam just and they said in the year two thousand. I was ten years old a move from toronto to boca raton in palm beach county. I've many clear memories from the fallout of the election. I remember listening. To the scotus case. On the radio i get most of my news is still one of those consequential moments in recent american history. So i'm not as clued up. Say india two thousand dollars about four or five years old so this stateside. But i know i know. The blodget cross strokes of the controversy of this election. You'd feel as any explain your space on this. So i was thirteen years old november of two thousand and i remember this election very well and for those of you that were not old enough or don't remember if you're in the united states we kinda hard to imagine you couldn't remember because it was such a thing..

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