Saleem Reshamwala Takes A Walk Through Mantua Township

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Obsolete rushing water and from ted. This is far flung and in a show that will take you to bangkok nairobi mexico city. Today we're going to the suburbs of new jersey man to a township i call it. Mantua does how we're going to say it to ensure all one mantua where the gators are battling. The thundering hurts in a small town. Football game match township like most of south jersey had identity as these kind of sleepy. Little crossroad villages. Those can look of our opinion. And before that you heard michelle brunner who works for the local government they both live in mantua township now. This might be the nicest suburb i've ever been to. The chain stores are platonic ideals of chain stores like. There's no rundown anything or grit or grime to any like the chick-fil-a looks like an architectural rendering of perfect chick-fil-a pristine grass and everything and michelle. She loves it here. So my favorite place definitely starbucks in my local target. Which i love. Why do you love the target. I because of the starbucks. But they're not dumb. Your favorite spot is the combination starbucks target favored sponsored starbucks Target and one of these strip malls behind the lows hardware store is a giant muddy hole. That might just be one of the most important fossil digs in the entire world. A place where prehistoric history in the nature of deep time and very important things about dinosaurs are all layered in among the mud. And this is the story of it almost becoming an apartment complex. So you're seeing the chick-fil-a here lows. You get petsmart. You got our dollar tree and some other wonderful places. Great clips and our lovely hometown. Pizza store called stakeout

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