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That was a big, big topic today. People were going on and on about man, just how he kind of definitely kept that ship afloat where it's a Manning is nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions or something like that. It gets benched. After he sets a record against Kansas City and then time record that is hurt chronicle her, but he was he was hurt. It just wasn't like right. He could've played him. He couldn't play through, but but he was he was not. He's not the guy. And then they bring in broadcast Wyler, who does a great job in relief, and then week 17 goes back demanding, but we can. We can spend a lot of time on that. But what? I watched that game And I just saw like the culmination of it. And just how their stars which was von Miller. DaMarcus Ware Manning, of course, because of the star power the he brings, but I mean, Emmanuel Sanders was nails. Looking nails. They just had the right guys with the right leadership step up at the right time and again that comes back to the coach pushing the right buttons. That's the thing that stands out to me over wall. We talk about the quarterbacks, but he goes to the entire team. Yeah, I don't envy somebody being in that position. But he just had that inmates gut feeling to make the call and then broadcast water to be perfectly clear broadcast whether outplayed Peyton Manning that year, he was a better quarterback than Peyton Manning was that season. And they might have won a championship with him. They might have had something in Gary Kubiak's Gut said If I'm gonna turn this is the time to do it. And he did that happen to be the you know the right there. Peyton had just enough left to push him over the finish line or get drug of the finish line, depending on how you look at it. So if if Brock Osweiler let's say he does play through and they win a championship with broadcast weather, is he back? Oh, yeah, because he was upset about the Chargers. That's where the decision was made. And it wasn't really him. So much is his camp. That kind of push that broadcast. Why there's kind of an affable guy know if you would talk to broadcast whether it's kind of Ah, surfer dude, kind of, you know, kind of got that laid back. You know, kind of demeanor, I guess when you talk to him, and so if he gets riled up about something, um there's there's a problem, you know, and him and his camp. I mean, his his agent and his his old lady. You know, we're a big part of that, and they were really upset about it. And you know that blood over in his His mind and his life and you know you talk to him. Now He's got some regrets about that kind of stuff, you know, and then be honest with you. He had. Hey, talked Toc talk to somebody else. The Pac 12 network while back and he talked to somebody about it, and Hey, was talking about his time in Miami toward the end, and he was like, Honestly, I'll play the best football my life at that point, you know, um, and they think it just did finally started to come together for him at that point. And he, um he couldn't get anybody calling. You know after that database thing, and then he couldn't get anybody to pick up the phone and and and bring him in any kind of, you know, kind of realized that he actually he hated football for a while, after which, in retrospect, Now that we've seen how much success everybody tends to have after Adam case Everybody should have been. There might have been the conversation for leading VP Look at the chant ago. Every word, right? I allowed to say it. All you have to do is spend any time with out of gays. And you realize that your career is just starting at that point, right? Man. I can't wait to see Sam Donald break every record in the league monster, right? Oh, my gosh. Why do you think we've apparently table to trade for Sam Donald says is very, very good reason for that. Anyway, So Yeah, that was that was kind of my my thoughts. I was watching the NFC championship game is just you know what a great job he did, pushing all the right buttons. You know what kind of kind of gets to you know? What does Vic Fangio do? I mean, because you got a fast forward here to what? What Vic Fangio does about pushing the right buttons, right has to be kind of the right question. And so far there are times when we see that. I mean, there are moments where Considering the Amount of starters that they were missing on the defensive side and then still holding Kansas City to 22 points on the road in prime time that that was pushing the right buttons. Yeah, like the key had moments this year Now there were moments where he didn't push the right buttons, huh? But that I'm not saying he has to be Gary Kubiak. But that's what that's what the head coach does in a lot of ways of Gary Kubiak and lead offensive month, right And he's I mean, you know Vic Fangio to his credit, clearly an elite defense of mind. But you know there was there was something about the way he managed the whole team. He was able to do the whole thing. I don't know if it does that, and I don't know it might take him a while to get there. Now, Remember, Gary Kubiak had plenty of years of experience being a head coach down in Houston before he came to Denver. So it's not like like this was his first rodeo. This is Vix First Rodeo on Lee, two years in The way you know 34 to 5 year contract, Potentially He hasn't been pushing all the right buttons on the office. This seems pretty obvious at this point. Well, yeah. Vick wants to be aggressive on office. But he wants to be kind of hands off. You know, One thing that struck me today is New York Jets and Robert Sala. Yeah, and Robert Salas, the defensive coordinator, but he very vehemently said right there is pressure. I'm not gonna be calling the place my defensive coordinators doing that. I'm the head football coach, and he wanted to differentiate those two positions. Vic Fangio doesn't do that. You failed your calls, the defensive plays and he's He's the defensive coordinator and the head football coach, Robert Salas. Different approach that everybody's got their own thing. Not one way stop right or wrong or whatever, but that struck me today was I was I was watching that I was like, Well, you know, I mean, he kind of has a hands off approach on the offense. He really doesn't you know, really just kind of delegates at and trusts that that's going to get done and goes from there. He wants to be aggressive. It's not like most defensive coaches where they kinda want to be conservative, and you know that kind of stuff. He wants to be aggressive. You know, He got two delegates that you know, I don't know if that's I don't know That's a good or bad thing. Is it too much on his plate? Because there's gonna be too much on Robert Solace Plate. Is it too much on somebody who's an offensive coach and a play called Big shot?.

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