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Seven 445 instead email phil philvalentine com that web address is phil valentine that um well they may have 13 russe skis folks but it's still friday poor the bureau you'll oh dennis rain and audits dan shaughnessy who we got the incident the boot too so the nice my term this on yet look go you the dancing booth valley to dance while ashley are going to march through their also going to sing for you really please welcome of the fbi robert muller and former fbi man james combing wow they're gonna sing brazil yes get ready comrade on the unknown this is another subpoena but story isn't it this makes you want to be a commie makes me want to goosestep roy as you wanna give up everything and mix we want to sell everthing in by a for hand yes wow and live in a really cold area yeah in santa cheese line again uh man star oh my gosh from the mother rosso ladies and gentleman make all eu college kids feel warm inside twelve sure you snowflakes this winds for you finish yeah they're not gonna be playing the olympics arly what is is with the uh uh the skaters formerly known as russians i don't wanna stay in that only there and they'll give you were dumping why they live these people in new to compete in the may can't get a medal we don't want you to compete but de have anything on you yeah well let me check the metal object you.

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