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I know now talking to the border sheriffs that i work with on a regular basis and doing my own research that the number of children who are abused as their brought across the border the number of women that are raped the number of individuals who essentially are exploited coming across the border is outrageous when you really research that and so i think the attorney general's looking at that issues you know somewhat of a tough love to say you know what we've been pretty lax on our borders for quite some time and it has not solved the problem it can sound a little difficult to say we're gonna enforce the laws that are there but he nothing what i heard from general sessions says that he's going to go beyond the the laws that are authorized but i think we have these discussions we certainly have to understand the consequences of allowing this to go on and you have the coyotes bringing people across who are doing terrible things to these individuals and if it takes a little tough love put a stop to that it certainly may be something this country needs to look at well you call it tough love some people are calling it inhumane why i think inhumane is the number of rapes that go on the pictures of the rape threes down on the border with they've hung women's undergarments as they've been sect but that's being done by criminals not the us government and the way to stop those criminals is to secure the border it's happening because individuals are either seeking their way across the border being ferried and again keep in mind how many times these individuals coming across or breaking up families coming across because that's happening just as often if not more often than what's being talked about is the breakup once they get here jeremy sheriff where you are in larimer county colorado there is the city of fort collins and last year the city council approved a resolution to clarify that police cannot ask residents about their immigration status unless that information is required by law for cons has stopped short of becoming.

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