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That's all I got. Yup. All right. This is a lot of characters just not gonna talk about all of them. But oh, so first up is professor Ned Brainard. Fred macmurray hasn't changed. He like I said before like in his earlier roles, I didn't really care for him that much, but man, this is his role. He's meant to play this role. I love him. He's so good. He's just he's funny at the right times he delivers everything correctly. Like, he's. Yeah. You know, agree character could be very annoying. Yeah. And he's not to make sure I also really like his relationship with Tommy Kirk, aka biff Hawkin this foam. Yeah. So biff in the last film was not really a very nice person, but comes to I guess comes to the side of professor Brainard this film and his dad is still a bad guy. But biff is still there to like help the professor out. I like that about biff in this one too. Because even in the last film, you knew that he kinda he didn't fully share his games. But he did hope as dad like hijack the professor are. But in this one he's totally like just pretty much ties with his dad because he knows his dad's a crook. Like, he'll just he'll be like, I know. I gotta face it. But yeah, he's totally on the. Side he wants to learn from him. He's like experimenting. I think he's on his way to being the next Ned Brainard. That's cool. I just the timing. Her plays the whole like son like role, very well. And he kinda takes on the role of professor Brainard son slash what is the word. I'm looking apprentice. I guess maybe. And he he just they both take on those roles. Well, and like them like that he's a football player who doesn't mind getting into science. I think the role model. Agreed. You know? Yeah. Because in the previous film, he was a basketball player jock. Who like, yeah. You know, didn't was, you know, making fun of professor Brainard, basically the whole time. So it's kind of like nice to see this one eighty in a character who kids could potentially relate to and be inspired by right agree. Next is Betsy. So they're finally married in this Viliame took a longtime fortress fourth times, the charm. She kind of annoys me in this role dole. This film. I don't like this foam. I like her and I don't like her she. Yeah. I mean, like, she's kind of realistic. I guess well, I don't know. So she she isn't. She's very jealous. I guess she's pretty like. But like so is so is Ned. Yeah. I mean, they both are I think that they kind of like the balance off of each other with their jealousy. And the fact that both of them are so jealous. They're kind of like competing for for who's more jealous. You know? But then that kinda just puts her in this role of annoying life. And I don't like that. Like, I wanted her to have a better role than that. Well, I think part of the problem is in the writing and direction of of nets care like of professor Brainard because throughout the movie, you know, that he like he should focus like a lit- like like you like your constantly reminded. There's no money we need money. We're starving. The call just go to close like like we need to come up with like an actual like solution. And but at the same foot, you want to go along with his ideas, you want to reach to the stars you want you want wanna go to the stars with him, which is is really like, which is great. But that leaves bet like especially Betsy stuck in the like, I want you to reach the stars. But I also want to be like not starving when you do reach them. So can we can we 'cause she never she never fully like fully fully tells him. No. He's always like. Can we pause get some money and then proceed Mike do we have to do this all at once? And I think that does kind of like lend hurt into the more like nitpicky cornered character that does come off as a little like a little bit redundant and whiny throughout the film. Yeah. That's that's all that's all really fair. I understand her role. Look, I understand I understand. Yeah..

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