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Say Good morning. Happy opening day. Two point. Oh, fellas, what's going on? Well, first of all, and Sylvie had a great tweet. Out there. If you're going to Wrigley today, Standard cheer, Soak it in 40,000. Cubs Cardinals cheer that we made it standing ovation for a team that surprised many They deserve it and you deserve it. And I think he's exactly right. That's how we opened the show. Freaking life is back, man. This is not just a baseball thing. You can go to a bar, a restaurant. We're back. It's just really, really cool. What I'm planning. I'm planning on leaving in like a half an hour because it's going to be insane over there. And I would say this, and I'm not sort of Like the company guy here. Just be patient like this the first time Wrigley Field's been packed in two years. They just had to hire a whole bunch of people to go from 60% to 100%. It's not going to be smooth at the concession stands. I'm just guessing here. I don't know I'm up in the press box, but just be patient and Wrigleyville inside like you said. Enjoy it. Hopefully they get the kinks out. If there are kings, I don't know for sure. I'm just saying it's going to be fun. It's going to be crazy. It's also going to be busy and crowded and all that stuff, But I think people will be happening back. No masks right if you're if you're vaccinated, and I think that's the majority of the people inside Wrigley Field back to normalcy with Wrigley Field and Full house of cardinals and Cubs fans at Wrigley. I looked into it before we ask you about what's going on this weekend with the Cubs and Sox Jess and is interested in your assignment yesterday. You decided, you know socks are playing Toronto but you're looking at the at the farm. So talk about some of the rule changes or some of the things that you saw. Maybe Major league Baseball could implement. Based on what you saw yesterday. The Cubs Class eight team is located in South Bend, Indiana, as you guys know, so driving there, of course I pulled over yet Another, um, Rick Hahn zoom to explain a major injury. So that was tough to listen to hearing about Nick. Magical. We can get that to that in a moment. So I'm at South Ben. Great facility there and the rule change. They're experimenting with down there is the step off Pick off throat meaning? For left handers, for example, you guys know normally you could pick up your left foot and step towards first base and throw the ball right now. Lefties have to step off and throw to first. That's how Jon Lester picked off his guy a few years ago. Right? You've got to step back and throw to first talk about the Tommy Pham pick off right? Exactly That move is what is the only move left handers can do now. So base runners can move can steal on first move, meaning as soon as that left leg comes up in the past, you'd have to wait. Is he going home? Is he going to first base runners can steal. The idea was to increase stolen base attempts and stolen bases for right the same thing you have to step back and then turn and throw. You can't jump in. You know, you know how you guys turn and throw quickly. You have to step back and then turn and throw, so it really takes more time. And it's the lefties that that it really changes and I have to tell you, this is one that is not going to make it to the major leagues. There were six stolen base attempts in the first inning alone. Everybody is running. There's a guy on South Bend. That is 21 for 21. Here's the other thing. I obviously that does create more action, but I didn't see one catcher. Throw the ball down. That's how how big of advantage it is for base runners. So nobody throws down. Nobody got caught stealing for the game. There were five for five. You know, several of the attempts batter swung and followed off the pitch, so they had to go back to first. So it was not like every attempt. I'm we resulted in a stolen base. But there's a guy in the seventh inning. I mean, the South Bend team got no hit the one run. They scored, got on on an error, stole second, stole third and scored on a wild pitch. Yeah, That's not the kind of action you want. You want throw downs you want You want double plays. I talked to two pictures on South Bend, a lefty and a righty. There's no chance of the double play anymore. Anybody gets on first is almost on second within a picture, too. So that's the baseball as the baseball we grew up on someone trying to get to second base. You know, but pictures that changes them like one picture was like I hope that I hope Cubs management understands that might earned run average is going to be higher this year. I can't get a double play ball. I might walk a guy, but normally I can pitch around that you can get a double place so Pictures don't like it. Obviously, baserunners do but even that skewed I mean, this guy That's 21 for 21 is not really even that big of a base dealer. I was told, so that's a rule. That's not going to make it And here's the thing. They have a bunch of rules at the lower levels. Larger bases other pick up rules. Stolen bases are up throughout the minor leagues way up, and it's I think it's going to be a couple of these rules are going to, you know, go by the wayside. So you know what the experiment If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. So Nick Madrigal goes down. He is out, probably for the rest of the year with a torn hamstring. Carlos Cara's going again. They are. We were talking to the Idot bullpen this morning, and Muller said to me, Carrasco's 32. This guy's 24. By the way, I doubt reminds you to start seeing motorcycles. Motorcycle safety is everyone's responsibility. Learn more life or death. Illinois dot com..

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