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That's the Carolina region and voting is open through next week for the opening round speaking of Bob Dylan Dylan just released a seventeen minute song about the JFK assassination sickness and timely yes yeah only take a sixty three years to finally get pen to paper on that one yeah I guess that as the clock struck midnight on the east coast Friday morning Dylan released a new song murder most foul has a running time of sixteen minutes and fifty seven seconds it is described as an epic free association of the nineteen sixty three assassination of president John F. Kennedy little information was given about the surprise track except for a brief statement from Dylan himself greetings to my fans and followers with gratitude for all your support and loyalty over the years this is an unreleased song we recorded awhile back that you might find interesting stay safe stay observant and may god be with you Bob Dylan I don't know what a while met a back means I guess it decades is it months but I guess what I think it's kind of like you were going through the attic because you've been quarantine yeah maybe Bob's going back through some of his unreleased tracks from the last forty or fifty sixty seventy years and police something's why think you would be able to tell from his voice how long ago this was if you can make out all the words and you know this is probably back in the sixties or seventies but Bob still he still tours you still write music in the song he talks about the killing of JFK right there in front of everyone's eyes is the great magic trick yep how does Tom Petty channel I it the other day and they played billing on there they play other things Tom Petty I'm a Bob Dylan had a song where he he's basically wrapping do you is it you know the song it's like a homesick blues or something is that right yeah I'd never heard before and I'm not I'm casual Dylan fan it was fantastic it's a long song he's riffing and he's he's basically speaking through the whole song but this is the you too did a take off on this where you start I think they hold up cards like Bonnell holds up a word and then he drops it like the all rhyme and Dylan I think did that with that song homesick blues I believe it's that song and is that subterranean homesick blues that's right yeah I've never heard of before I heard of this fantastic song yet but he does that and then Bano Joe and you to do it where they just kind of your writing these words any just holds up a car to sign it just has that word on it in the video I don't know what that song is but make love and I don't know if you know what it is yep it's I looked up in nineteen sixty five subterranean homesick blues it's a anti authority that's every Dylan song pop culture obsessed song where he actually made a video for it and there is there really wasn't videos he made like a grainy black and white video for it but did he make was he holding up cards that had words on it that's exactly right okay it might remind you I think what's the band with a Michael Hutchence in excel in excess did a knock off version of that where they he had Michael Hutchence was doing the science but I think Bano did it too for some reason make eleven is that right yeah exactly bond did the sizes I like to call I said it's in a way one of the first mainstream music videos him dropping I think it might have been part of the film but yeah you're exactly right it few people copied okay all right we'll take a break we got our phone call and we'll get more phone calls as well eight seven seven three D. P. show email address DP and Patrick dot com how is everybody pretty you're doing all right I'm feeling good okay get your local insured on looking good my program it's a speedy on the background eighteen seventy to like them I'm a relaxing feeling good how bout you make love ever where where the kids where's your wife so they're all good you know they're not crawling around I was wearing my ski Prefontaine costume from two thousand nine the first two hours it was just ugly adidas tracksuit and none of you guys said anything I just thought is good looking tracksuit I think that's a really cool hoodie ten you didn't sit by our service you agree sweatshirt he's ever seen I can prove it yeah the problem with this set up is you get to really see a lot of the Danette so use your whole like kind of set up yeah I I didn't even notice but I wasn't looking no we we're busy doing a show I wasn't going to check in on what you're wearing their I apologize I've been watching what you're wearing a lot of red this week yeah I don't know why I got this somebody sent this to me it's the the iron chin tanks now nineteen nineteen football team that somebody sent this to me yeah I've been red and maroon I don't know see you tomorrow yeah dude I'm good man what's upstairs working here and my son is hanging with the dogs so I'm just looking forward to some lunch yep Ironton tanks nineteen nineteen to nineteen thirteen out of Ironton Ohio a scarlet red gold and white yeah it's a nice little color red machine they call them well Mike in New York City one Todd scoreboard challenge today was this much of a challenge they're trying you were impressed by the eight eighty eight well we had Dale junior on yeah I just there was nothing real to see that in one of four something so awkward and out of left field that no one would get a chance to Friday but I make it a little easier he obviously about things with number eight and then eighty eight how about curly Neal curling been good too can I do that now thanks to construct even more than their current generations for our younger fans that may not be familiar with all all I see you're coming up with thank you talk you have no clue for a guy who lives in the eighties you're gonna skew younger now makes no sense what it is well done I will take a break your phone calls coming up next is twenty one after the hour this is the Dan Patrick show it's amazing discover matches all the cash back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year automatically no limit on how much you can earn which is amazing in fact even more amazing because of all the places where discover is accepted according to.

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