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The autoparts but are parts better prices every day redskins in ram still going midway through the second quarter in the lambs have cut that deficit just about in half let's check in with chuck as the la coliseum six twenty three remaining in the first half redskins thirteen ram seven rash of ram score todd girl got a oneyard touchdown run that took four play seventy five yard too twominute seven drive the big play golf too tight end gerald liberate the rookie for sixty nine yards and we have a injury up rob kelly the fi running back from the washington redskins has hurt is ribbed he has carried football twelve pardons for seventy eight yards along with twenty one and his ribs shabaab the danger it on a short one play i his dad is questionable ipm on the sidelines bent over our in kosovo amount of paying you can imagine getty hitting your rips so that was going to be a awad warns the washington redskins and they will go with their up tale back war ahmad j league so rapprochement j three to take the effort uh and the kerry that uh rob kelly had the ramp to have the ball here driving inside uh right at midfield here against redskins with six twenty two creating a how it is who ran trailing the reds he he did thank you very much shuckers somali j p ryan gets the call after his oklahoma sooner is off to a very good start again redskins lead the rounds by a score of thirteen to seven on a big completion to todd girlie out of the back fuel just a couple of moments ago puts the rams now and above the twenty five yard line of washington so jarred golf has the mom move and also just wanna remind you there's a weather delay in denver where rain suddenly came in lightning as well and the broncos in front of the cowboys seven nothing with thirty eight seconds left in the third quarter would probably about another half hour away or so at least from starting that one and also makes nice for bridge into the sunday night game of the mercedes benz stadium opening of between the falcons and the packers let's go out to oakland right now a crushing end of the.

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