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College football samak shen mac football haley bailey in maxwell tell you what it was pretty wild oregon cell state versus georgia southern pay to actually decent team saying those two two teams i mean they're not gonna win the national title but arkansas state when they i guess miles on for a while at a highpowered offense endured georgia southern that triple option you do not want to play and by some horner's ball joe trillo lopata level loading her it on a career while agreed on a lot of guys that love the game on failed the final score was eleven to eight eleven eight was the final score that game last night so it was just it was entertaining the first quarter the first quarter the first inning there was lie four ron's mother down in by that was that was school it's fun to watch and in really really know what was going on a majority tom but i love i love to watch people score there was on there was four triples hit last night the triple is my favorite thing in baseball early yes triples are the best pupils or second to inside the park home runs inside the program as i've been one of the most exciting boys imploded in our favour play is the is the the threeperson out i the triple ploy oh yeah hey a years truly was the other cameraman for cipolletta the former employer who reigning mainland sports center really added it twice this year my my shot got an ordinary syrian royally admiral i'll put it on a resume do that's awesome although her triple blows goes aligned drive in then new hit back two shortstop tag second went to first will force out there so cool hauled nice idc you you gotta yet ruled even that baseball and go out there and you almost lost me which rule to try to try to pull it in last night in that game to their relief pitcher came and hit a triple.

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