U.S. Begins Indirect Talks With Iran on Reentering Nuclear Deal

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To try to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal which lifted sanctions on Tehran in return for limits on its nuclear activities. Jeremy Bowen has the details. There's strong evidence that the original deal in 2015 stopped to steady slide towards a war over Iran's nuclear plans. But the deal known as the J C P O A has bean in intensive care since President Trump pulled the US out of it in 2018. Iran insists it does not want nuclear weapons. Now the U. S. And Iran both want to revive the deal. They need to find a way for the Americans to live Trump sanctions. On for the Iranians to return to agreed limits on the enrichment of uranium, which can be used to make a bomb. Iran says it won't meet the Americans face to face until that happens. Report by the World Bank has

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