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Charlie three to spot in the circuit court in the seventeenth traditional circuit in our county, Florida is ninety four one zero six to CF ten being just dynasty bailing state afford or find a hearses manual environment Bennett. Verdict count line. We the jury five fouls as to count one charging document Bennett is guilty of murder in a I agree as charging charging so cereal's nineteen January to us nineteen at four Arto rally more quarters. Counting ring carry FIS as follows. Document. Martorana. I agree as talks to jogging. So say we all. Or to customer oil, Florida, horrors. Count. Reach five is followed as to count three alleging charging document healty degree in charge. Charging documents sociale stating that does nineteen horn Arar county Simon over. The jury finds Pablo Eibar guilty on all three counts of murder and the cases Nickelodeon case as he is handcuffed by a deputy Pablo. Shakes his head in frustration later. One of his attorneys Benjamin Waxman expressed his disappointment. So disappointed with the verdicts. With with. I thought I talk with my wife all the way here. I thought about all of the different circumstances. And I really I really thought it was going to go away. And it's just been this long journey, and you know, I just feel like if the journey wasn't to find Pablo not guilty to finally bring Justice to him. Then why why why did why did in the order of the world wide? Why did we go through? The conviction of Pablo Eibar brings to an end nearly twenty five year long nightmare for Debbie. Allen ca maintain offense a sanity and a faithful this position then really challenging to to have to go to not just be insult of having repeatedly go through the legal system. But the injury of within this family my twin tire country right money from their government town moralize about someone is though he is some angel that was mistakenly picked off the streets and south Florida. That's angering I don't know in my situation would be angry. Weeks the same jury that convicted Pablo of murdering Sharon Anderson, Marie Rogers and Butch Casey. We'll have to decide unanimously if he should be put to death for the crime, Deb says she'll be there to tell the jury about the sister. She lost on investing. I do with heart. I don't have a grip on going back this. But I'm talking to ride it out that I could get through it. But yeah, I think the very least that I do is an opportunity to him the martyr end the jury because he held my sisters and destroyed so much in my own family. Certainly my mom vets with hastened by this you had three forms of cancer. When she died, the stress is I can't put into work so at the title and court. There really isn't you know, people I think when a package take up and say, oh, they finally have closure or maybe they can have Pete. And it's plenty five years later. Can you really that? No. You can't the only thing you can be thankful for is that it seems like it is something end and that individual will never ever ever be free on the street again. So rack had did he and disaster someone else's fight? The only great that's been is that I have a beautiful family at Houston gives me a reason to everyday tell another story about my sister, someone who they never met and to look for ways and enjoy you know, my mind life, right that in sort of abuse heart into see my kids has a has a vest Bali back in the live them. But but there there's there's there's poetic would've at the end of this for anybody. Flown is Florida will keep following Pablo. Ibar case including his sentencing next month. Follow us on social media and your Email to our newsletter felonious, Florida dot com to get updates. Thank you for listening to this special episode of colonial Florida. If you've enjoyed the show, please give us a five star rating on apple podcasts and be sure to tell your friends about our show. It's available online at bologna, Florida dot com. Apple podcasts one dot com or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can read more about the cases, Nickelodeon murders, and the other cases, we've covered including photos and videos at felonious, Florida dot com and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The loan is Florida is produced by the south Florida, sun sentinel and one day this episode was reported by Rafael omega with previous reporting by Lisa Arthur, and I'm your host and sound designer and the Kate Austen. Our producers are David shoots and one Ortega editing ranchera Guskey sound direction by Sean pits with additional recordings by Carleen Jean unlock. Keta pay. The felonious Florida team includes Iran zoo, Danny Sanchez, and Dana banker.

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