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No, he does not. It's your brother and auburn guy, or somebody in your family's auburn, aren't they? Okay. David, make sure he's got to he's got auburn fans by Koreans too. Absolutely. Let's talk about this record. I mean, what give us some sense of what it's going to be about? Well, I've got a couple of really great artists on it, Robert Randolph, who Roberts. The SEC nation. Robert Roberts on the record, he's kind of my David lindley of the record of record sounds a lot like an old Jackson Brown record for every man was one of my favorite records, but yeah, it's in. And Robert, it's funny. I wanted to bring Robert down here, I was going to try to get him down here this weekend for the SEC nation and hopefully we'll get him down here to do to actually come down here. I think he played. Yeah, we had I think it was in Georgia one year at the ante. So the question I have for you though is, and I get it asked every time I go somewhere, when's Taylor Hicks going to do update the SEC song when the fund bomb song when Texas and Oklahoma come in. Well, I mean, whenever ESPN gives me gives me a ring and gets the checkbook out. We'll do it, you know? I mean, but you know what's interesting is I'd like to know some of your viewer like your viewers, you know, I would tell you what. Look, I know it comes on four times four times a day. But I think what would be interesting is for your callers and viewers to actually help me write what they're going to say. Here's what we're going to do about Oklahoma. Texas. When we get through the next few weeks, we're going to lean on David Upton to get you up to our studio. Yeah. And that way, we'll have time. We'll clear the decks and let the audience help participate. Absolutely. I think that's a great idea. And then let's see how smart everybody thinks are smart. Everybody thinks they can call plays better than the head coaches. Everyone thinks they can do whatever can you write. I think you got some, I think you got a pretty good pretty smart fan baseball. We got a lot of that would be funny. We get I've run into various artists. I know you have who claim to claim, I say, to watch the show. That would be funny, but Kenny from Nashville. I got a couple of lines. I wonder what Tammy would think. I wonder what Tammy would say. I'm this old Tammy. She's been gone four years in two weeks and we all miss her. So before you go, I would like. Golf ball. Roll time. The great Taylor Hicks, joining us here. Taylor, I can't thank you enough. It's always great. Always great to see you. It's such a pleasure to have known you all these years to have known you before. And you look a lot thinner, by the way. I'm getting there. Yeah, I've been working. It's not an easy task, especially when you're in the south and it's Thanksgiving. It's not the time to try to drop a couple of pounds. We're coming right back. Tucked in two hours of the show. Taylor Hicks. Thank you for listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast, the Paul finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern.

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