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Virginia classrooms we talked to a health expert about whether the massacre needed to fight the virus If schools are going to stay in person school district needs the flexibility the tools to be able to do that And doctor Amish adult a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins center for health security says if society is not tolerating COVID cases in the classroom now that in order to keep kids in class masks especially amongst the unvaccinated are a way to keep that But long term we will need to think about and should be thinking about off ramps for masking Maybe says that off ramp is the vaccine Everyone in your school is vaccinated The mass is going to serve little purpose because nobody is going to be at risk for severe disease John doeman And a change in the policy of George Mason says George Mason university will now strongly encourage employees to receive their vaccinations and boosters and share their vaccination status with the university Mechanisms to obtain and store this information will stay in place but this is a departure they say from their requirement which was issued earlier A lot has changed in Hollywood and here at WT over the past decade and as he marks ten years on the air here our film critic Jason freely looks back Folks always ask how do you become a movie critic There aren't exactly job postings for it but I wish my big break came a different way WTF movie critic Joe barber sadly passed away in 2011 I was a writer on the morning news desk who had just graduated film school and I guess they said let's give the kid a shot My first review was exactly ten years ago today on January 19th 2012 I must have been crazy choosing a French silent film for the radio but I gave the artist four out of four stars and it went on to win best picture Tune this day I can't even listen back to it My voice sounding like a booming movie trailer starring Jean dujardin The film has all the buzz of an Oscar contender Four out of four stars Jason Francis news Coming up a rather dubious distinction.

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