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I am so excited to get this particular episode out to you unexcited because the person's will not about to make you listen to is someone who is so so charismatic on sage in fact. She is the guy who got me excited about. Solving the mind valley podcast in the first place backstory in shawn stevenson is an incredible author and broadcaster islam casts immortal held show which you should be subscribed to is one of my favorite podcast out there by far in this one of the trump podcast in the world right now is focused on how but it's also also focused on a remarkable story my favorite episode of the model podcasts episode where he goes through the history of this cola he goes through the history of coca cola sprite and all of these other drinks that billions of people put into their bodies and when you understand that his is a fascinating but you understand the manipulation that goes on behind the scenes to make you put so much hyper sponsor deal and that is what i love about sean style style. He is just so brilliant at getting these messages out now in this episode of the mind body or cast brought on sean to discuss something something that he knows best which is how to stop your own podcast and the same ideas here apply. If you want to stop a youtube chat so listen to this talk. This talk was delivered at nine bally's eighth incorrigible the particular theme of this as as was growing your influence. It was for anyone out there who wanted to grow the audience size our reach for themselves for the of this and sean across was the number one name on myanmar hi my when i asked myself who can i put on stage that did teach us all how to build a world-class forecasts so again if you are thinking about growing growing you instagram following or building podcasts or starting a youtube channel the idea you're going to hear here will apply to you. This is not just for podcasting stick shawn's method of thinking this philosophy here applies to matter what type of audience you're trying to build and in today's world but they said body insists assist matter in a way all of us get to be a media company what and whether you're trying to get out or service or even just grand yourself the next job interview being able to have an audience truly matters so listen to this podcast. Take a lot of notes and i wanna give you one tip. If you're driving i mean obviously listened to the podcast and trump remember as much as you can put it in action..

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