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The shot the good life and thank you also for the the sweater with the picture of the baby goat on it well. So here's the other really cool thing so. She brought her award in to work on Monday so we the Golden Globes for Sunday brought her award into work on Monday and she let everybody hold the award that was really she pass it around. She passed it around the room of all the awards. She's wanted was absolutely the heaviest as Andy said it was girthy. It had real weight. His tiny little. It wasn't yeah. She then brought to the control room. Everyone in the control room got to brag about it. Well she she was proud out of it. We know that about everybody got a chance. It was nice pictures with the. Yeah yeah it was really it was really she was. It's very similar about how meaningful it was to us that she had one yes And then of course Kate McKinnon her talking about beyond say sitting that close to be on so when she came on our show to talk about what happened. Oh my gosh. We pull up the archive clip of that. Do we have it. It's a Dvr and we have let me tell you that the super we have it on nothing within a building let me hit play by. What was your first time at the Globes to right? Yes us now. That's quite a time to be your first time there. I mean the table that we were at while. You're there you are. You are to me. You know everything and then Porsche everything. And then we had Carol Burnett American legend everything and then there was also beyond saying Jay z at the table which I mean the king and Queen of America. They are there. They were unbelievably gracious. But my sister and I found out that we were going to be at their table started panicking and making a list of like. Well what can we say. We live in one bedroom from apartments in New York City. What can we say we do use hellofresh? Do what kind of milk do you like to drink. And so but my sister went right over and has this balls of steel and just was great and beyond so nice and I was just such a I just pretended I had something on my pants. And it was sort of.

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