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So everything about kief was everything about his personality every side of it was was enormous. Yeah. Could be the most loving the most hateful spiteful. The most caring the funniest the saddest. Yeah. He was a real books of chocolates. So so after you guys like gel like that, you realize the possibilities, and I guess I guess Pete was like, well, this is the window. This is where I can really I can work with all you guys, and we can all work together and take some chances. Well, you. Yeah. We need to get an original shown to do. We went. We went to this guy's house who had shoes blues collection. Yeah. Try to find a stone that we would make for a potential single here. And we found. I think it was only hookah song got love if you want it if you moan bay. Yeah. It's great and leading swim Harpo slim hobby. Oh, that's yeah. Memory of me. These comes through. Simha less right, slim Harpo. That's right. Pete meeting sit down with become through those lyrics. This is going to be a month song. So basically plagiarized it. He's just to melody and rewrote this song. On the face, which was a multi. Be a facial snappy dresser. Yeah. Yeah. Style thing. Yeah. And so that became singles a group called the high numbers, which he convinced we incidentally, the band. We were though. Yeah. We were the tools that was the first one was the first name, then we were the who. Yeah. Then Pete meeting convinces to become the high numbers the high numbers to be this mode band. Yeah. After the hoop. You had the who before the high number that. Yeah. So we said. Became the high numbers. And sure enough. What it did it saw it to attract this model? We saw in the face record. Plus fat bodies time is into the full feedback. Right starting destructive buying into speak. Yes. No destruction yet. But really getting some sounds very very unusual to sounds Jimi Hendrix copied off of him. He became of more famous than he was I was so what happened that were you at that show when Hendrik showed up to would you want in the first time he went to well Hendrix, was we we. We were supposed to have forty percent of track records. Yeah. Not that we ever go anything. But I mean. I have a letter from Chris Stemp? The for the label which was the label which Jimmy was into in. So technically, we should've attempts. We never saw her up LA Di penny anyway. But I heard that when he came like who's talking to might have been Terry read about that the first performance that Chas who is who is the guy from the. The first one that blazes. And we will everyone was right. It was just stunning. He go to that place anyways. And he was at the back at the bar and Hendrix is on stage and Brian Jones came through the audience of the bar and he walked up to Terry Reid. And he said, it's terrible. If there the flooding and Terry what are you talking about the water on the floor interior? What are you talking about all of the guitar players crying? They're all crying. That's froyo draws. Yeah. I know. It was stunning. I was glad I wasn't. It gets player that diet. He will stunning. He was stunned by Clapton was there and page. Everybody's there was there was Evian's there. What was Pete's reaction? What was your reaction? I was just amazed at this guy. So prime such great shown here, and and the bam was algal Mitch Mitchell on the drums and no reading on the Bice, and I don't get enough credit because again, how they manage to find that chemistry. Those Jimmy Jimmy could be incredibly unpredictable when he's playing. Could be playing one thing. One minute. Switch on the blink of an eye of Brown. Yeah. Yeah. But those guys would stay with him every bit. Yeah. Yeah. But you guys do we do it too. Those who guys kind of never got any credit tool, but I were incredible vanished. Mitchell's drumming was phenomenal. Yeah. No ratings vice plan, you listen to he sticks with Jimmy every the way. Yeah. Amaechi I'd seems I keep is is similar in terms of his momentum. And how he'll play Mitch came from the same area of us. We. In london. We we knew guys Rony would cause number any Rony would since he was fifteen years old..

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